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William McKissock Interviews Tara Richter


In this interview they discuss how Tara started the publishing house, her connection to Shark Tank, a streamlined writing process and the new Amazon Best Seller, “How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse!” 

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Helping to Raise the Consciousness of the Planet One Book at a Time.

I get asked the question a lot, which one of your authors has made a million dollars? The answer is, no one. This is not the goal of our publishing house. Yes, this would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but our mission is not just numbers. We are unique in that we take on books that big publishers would not. Because to us it’s not all about the money a book will pull in. Instead for Richter Publishing, it’s about the authors and the story they need to tell. A burning desire to get this out into the world to help others. If your story can impact the lives of others and help them through their struggles, then the book is a success. We do not censor the authors story. We tell the cold, raw truth.
Our authors consist of men and women who have survived cancer, mental disorders, domestic abuse, rape, sex trafficking, bullying, drunk driving and more. These people have gone through hell and back. Their stories can help others that have gone through similar incidents and know that they are not alone. That you too can get through it and become successful on the other end.
So no, it’s not about the books making millions of dollars, but spreading knowledge and hope. If you can change even one persons life with your words, isn’t that worth it?

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Tara Richter Featured by The Tampa Bay Business Journal

Tara Richter

Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC, has been recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal! Her work as a publisher has allowed entrepreneurs to flourish in the writing world with her company’s guidance to leave their legacy.

Check out Tara’s Recognition on The Tampa Bay Business Journal here!

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