Tara Richter, President

Tara Richter

Tara Richter (photo by Pierce Brunson)

Tara Richter is the President of Richter Publishing LLC. She specializes in helping business owners how to write their non-fiction story in 4 weeks & publish a book in order to become an expert in their industry. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, Daytime TV, FOX, SSN, Channel 10 News, USA TODAY, Beverly Hills Times and radio stations all over the world.

Her degree is in Graphic Design and she worked in the copy and print industry in the Silicon Valley. She has written and published 12 of her own books in just a few short years. Tara now has published many other authors all over the world including Anthony Amos & celebrity entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington, Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” with their joint book, “How to Catch a Shark.”

Writing your story is a very therapeutic journey.  Tara knows this first hand from writing her own books in the Dating Jungle Series. She utilizes her certifications in Professional Coaching & Reiki Energy Healing to help authors through the fear of publishing their stories for the world to hear. Richter’s team mentors their authors through every step of the process to make sure it’s a fulfilling experience.

Find her books here: http://www.amazon.com/Tara-Richter/e/B00CGKD8FG


  • 2013 Finalist for Tampa Bay’s Business Woman of the Year Award
  • 2014 Nominee for Tampa’s Up & Coming Businesses
  • 2015 Nominee for 2015 Iconic Woman of the Year
  • 2015 Finalist for Best in Biz
  • 2015 Amazon Best Selling Author & #1 Amazon Hot New Release
  • 2016 Recipient of H.E.R.O. Award
  • 2017 Commencement Speaker for Keiser University Graduation
  • 2019 Nominee for Tampa Bay’s Corporate Philanthropy Award
  • 2020 Amazon Best Seller for the title, “How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse”
  • 2021 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) Book Award Winner Business Category 


Margarita Martinez, Editor/ Writer

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.15.42 PMMargarita holds a master’s degree in writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She attended the New York School of Publishing, taught English for 10 years, and is a National Board Certified English Teacher. She has 15 years of experience editing, proofreading, and copy editing all types of manuscripts. She lives in New Mexico.


Monica San Nicolas, Technical Editor & Layout Designer

Monica San Nicolas - Editor

Monica holds a bachelor of arts in counseling and a certificate in copyediting from the University of California San Diego. She is a technical editor in environmental engineering and has extensive knowledge of formatting and MS Word. Monica has 10 years of experience working on manuscripts. She lives in California.


Sara Harder, Editor & Admin

Sarah Harder is a master’s student studying creative writing and professional and technical writing at the University of South Florida, where she teaches a variety of English courses. She has worked as a copy writer and editor for the last five years. She lives in Tampa, Florida.