“I was so excited to be one of Tara’s clients to be coached through the writing and publishing process! I have never written a book, so I knew when I wanted to embark on this journey; she was the one I needed to contact. Since she already had three books under her belt, I called her to find out how she did it. I was amazed after our phone conversation that she had discovered a quick and easy way to get a book published in only a few months. I didn’t even think that was possible! I knew Kevin and I had to work with her on our project. I really wanted our book to come from the heart and soul so it would resonate with the reader. It was a challenging journey, but Tara’s tips and coaching has really made the process a breeze. She’s helped us every step of the way and looked out for me, Tara keeps me on track with my goal. If I can write and publish a book with no experience, you can too!”

– Anthony Amos Multi Founding Franchisor & Partnership Expert

“When Anthony and I decided to publish a joint book, he said he wanted it to be available for sale within a few months. I thought he was crazy, we wouldn’t have enough time in our hectic schedules to get this done. However, when we brought Tara aboard, her coaching techniques made it easy. She has streamlined the writing and publishing process, utilizing every spare minute for maximum results. Even with my super busy schedule I can get a book done. She utilizes every spare second you have. If you want to be a published author, Tara is the one to get the job done!”

Kevin Harrington, Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” & The Ambassador of “As Seen on TV”

Tara Richter interviews Anthony Amos & Kevin Harrington on the Self-Publishing Process on their new book, "How to Catch a Shark."

Tara Richter interviews Anthony Amos & Kevin Harrington on their new book, “How to Catch a Shark.”


“Writing a book is a daunting task until you get to the bigger task of having it published.  When I first heard that she published three books with her process I was very interested in how she did it.  After talking with Tara, I knew she was the person I wanted to work with because she is about results.  Tara said directly, “the results are simple, in early 2014 you will have a book published.”  That bold statement and commitment to my success has inspired me to work on a second book and raised my goal to publish three books in 2014.  There is nothing like working with a person that says “Yes, you will have a book published by the end of the seminar.” That is commitment to the dreams people have and she has shared the key that has unlocked a new level of potential in my life”

-Pierce Brunson, Owner Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC.


“Richter Publishing allowed me to become an author this year and gave me the confidence to want to write even more books. This process has got to be one of the best processes around and Tara knows how to work patiently with you to allow your dreams to come true. I definitely recommend this company for anyone who has dreamed of publishing a book and just never knew how!”

-Gen Dobson, Owner of Degrees of Success

“Having Tara with me made it all possible, I would never have actually sat down and done it without her. I always dreamed about writing a book but I never thought I would actually do it. I think having the book gives the credibility in the industry that I have been looking for.”

-Meredith Rodgers, Owner ATLAST!®

“Sitting down with Tara’s guidance forced me to focus and get my material together to do something that I never thought I could do. Since I am dyslexic, I am not computer literate, everything about this process was beyond what I thought I was capable of. With her guidance I accomplished it and felt good about it. She knows what she’s doing and she’ll be able to help a lot of people.”

-Elizabeth Bunbury, Owner Answered Prayers Project, Non-Profit Organization

“I would definitely recommend Tara. No questions asked, no hesitations. If you’re writing a book, you want to go to Tara Richter and Richter Publishing.”

-Jeffrey White, Author of The Three Pillars of Strength: Increasing your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness . White is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach, author, and motivational speaker. He is the owner of Jeff White Fitness Solutions LLC.

“Tara’s awesome and professional. She’s always great with follow up. The work she supported me with was social media consulting, as well as publishing. Social media with our Facebook, with Twitter, with LinkedIn. I love working with Tara.”

Gary Hartfield, Author of Stand. Hartfield is the president and CEO of Serenity Village Inc, Serenity Village Insurance & Consulting, and Sweet Talk Wireless.

“Tara helped us get onto Amazon, get published, get print in time for our book launch. And we were even able to make it to best seller on Amazon, #2 and #1 Hot New Release.” 

-Juliet Kyes, Co-Author of OMG! What’s the Focus? Along with her parents, Kyes coaches business owners at their firm ActionCOACH Tampa Bay.

“I wanted to use Tara Richter and Richter Publishing because she’s a local publisher and she really believes in authors that are looking to make a difference with their books in the local community. Tara, without a doubt, is my number one pick for this book Plaintiff 101 and any other book I should write.”

-Karen Mertes, Author of Plaintiff 101Mertes is founder and president of Fulfill Your Destiny, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

“This has been an amazing journey. She has put up with all my cries, my tears. She is an amazing person.”

Miroslava Espinosa, Author of The Little Amazonian. In her book, Espinosa tells a modern-day survival story. She reflects on her memories of her close encounters with wild animals, struggle for education, food, money, and myriad of health issues.