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WRITERS! Get a Seat at an Upcoming Writing Seminar Series & A Chance to Win a FREE Publishing Contract!

Ready to write your book but no idea where to start? Already written a book, but struggling to get it done? Looking for a chance to win a FREE publishing contract? This is your series! (Contract is a $6,000 value)
Writing Series Photo

Dedicate one night a month Feb-July and come get your book done. Join Tara Richter, Richter Publishing, Jamie Klingman and Laurie Stemm, The Kaizen Collaborative, for six nights of focusing on getting published. Bring your computer, grab a drink, and settle in for focused writing time, plus access to an experienced publisher for help and advice. At the end of the series, submit your manuscript for a chance to win a free publishing contract through Richter Publishing’s annual contest (entries due August 1, 2018)!

Each session will have a focus. The first 30 minutes Tara will cover a certain topic to help you with your manuscript. Afterwards we will break into certain groups where you can write silently or collaborate with other aspiring authors. Tara will also be available for private coaching during the night.


Each session is $10, payable at the door, or buy the series for $50 (getting one free!). Sessions go from 5:30 -8:30 PM. They will be held at the The Kaizen Collaborative, located at 5215 W Laurel Street, Suite 110, Tampa, Florida 33607.
Sign up on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/356858098126803/

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Free Computer Repair Clinic and Open House This Saturday! Don’t Miss It!

Twice a year, the Tampa Bay Technology Center promotes kindness with our “Random Acts of Kindness Free Computer Repair” clinics. We schedule 14 to 20 computers from our community for a free computer repair on that day. Please register ahead of time by emailing: secretary@tampa-bay.org.

Tara Richter
Over the years, our club has repaired several hundred PCs for our community – all for free. This year the event will take place at our offices on Saturday, February 17, 9am – 2pm.

We are located at: 300 S Duncan Ave. Suite 275, Clearwater, FL.

Everyone is welcome to come and hang out with us. If you want to register for the free computer repair service, please send a message to secretary@tampa-bay.org requesting “Computer Help” in the Subject line. We will assign you a time and let you know.

We not only fix your computers for free, but we feed you coffee and donuts in the morning, and hot dogs and pot luck in the afternoon. The snacks are on us.

And we have seminars throughout the day too. We feed both your body AND your mind.
RSVP on Eventbrite!



9am: We will start serving coffee and donuts at 9am in the morning. For you early birds, please join Doc, President of TBTC, in the classroom. Doc will go over the history of TBTC and past events. Enjoy your coffee & donuts and we’ll laugh and reminisce about our colorful history, and then look ahead to some of the new things we’re doing in our future.

10am: Speaker (TBD); Topic: Smartphones.

11amFREE lunch provided by TBTC members.

12 noonSpeaker Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC; Topic: “How to Write a Book in 4 Weeks.” If you have ever wanted to become a published author, don’t miss this!

1pmSpeaker Charles Opperman; Topic: Windows 10. Charles is one of the most knowledgeable speakers about Windows 10. If you need to figure out how to navigate the new Windows operating system be sure to stay for this seminar.

Don’t forget to schedule your FREE 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your book by going here: Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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Alder Allensworth Book Signing March 3rd

Blank white book w/pathJoin us on March 3rd 2018 at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center for Alder Allensworth book signing, “Prevail: Celebrate the Journey.” The unique story tells of the miraculous and inspiring adventure that led to the founding of Sailability Greater Tampa Bay. From 12 to 2 PM, the book will be available for purchase. The proceeds will be donated to the non-profit to continue allowing them to help people with disabilities learn how to sail.



1001 Gulf Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 33767

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5 Mistakes Authors Make – Here’s What To Avoid!


TBT to Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing, discussing 5 Mistakes New Authors Make on iHeart Radio with Brandon Rimes on The Real Estate Quarterback Show.


Richter Publishing wants to know how we can help you take your manuscript to the next level and get you published! If you have already written a manuscript, please fill out this form so we can get to know more about you and your book! We do not work with literary agents. Authors are our number one priority and we work directly with you. If your book fits into our scope of work, you will be contacted to submit your manuscript for review. This form covers the purpose of your book, the services you’re interested in and your budget.

Leave your legacy – Start today!

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The Time is Always Right

mlk jr

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January 15, 2018 · 12:13 pm

Preparing for a Book Launch? Here are some tips to ensure it is a SUCCESS!

When you have such a great part, why not let people know about the fun time you had? Here are some tips to show them what they missed out on and what is expected of your next event so they make sure they attend!

Document everything that happens at your party. The more you have recorded, the more you can post online. The record increases your SEO and Google-ability when people post about your party.

It is also a good idea to hire a professional photographer . You undo not want the only photos of you event to be badly-lit selfies. We have had some amazing videos taken at our parties. It’s worth it get them on tape and then edit it into a quick promo for you and yo9ur book/company. If you don’t have a lot extra money you can do it on your smartphone and use a video editing software. However, if you can, hire a professional. Even if you’re on a budget. It’s worth it to get that great video to post on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to get out into the world.

To grab a copy of  “Launch Your Book into the Stratosphere & be a Best Seller!” click here!

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On-the-Go this Holiday Season but Still Need to Finish Your Book? Check out these tips!

Inspiration strikes at the most random times – Don’t let it pass! You might not always have a piece of paper and pen handy, but your smart phone is either in your hand, back pocket or purse at all times. USE IT!

laptopI composed my second and third books in small chunks writing everywhere you could imagine. I used the notepad app on my iPhone. I even bought a fifty dollar Bluetooth keyboard so I can easily sit and write when I’m inspired. Once I’m done with my thoughts I email it to myself so when I get home, it’s waiting in my inbox. Then I copy and paste it into a Word document and clean it up.

Woman waiting at the airport

Anytime you gave a extra five minutes in your day, you need to write. Waiting in line to pick up the kids from school? Write on your smart phone or tablet. Walking on the treadmill? Jot some ideas down. I get some of my best ideas wiggle working out, probably because of all the blood pumping through my veins and those feel-good endorphins flooding my body.

Traveling soon? Airports are another great place to write. Just think about how many minutes you waste lining up to be groped by security, waiting for delayed flights,  or sitting on the plane while the staff fuels up, thinking, Damn where is that truck to push back the plane?

Never take a second of free time for granted! Create in the chaos and leave your legacy!

Start today!

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How to Write A Book in 4 Weeks!

Life never stops, especially when you have the desire to write a book. Don’t make it up as impossible if your life is chaotic— IT CAN BE DONE! An industry standard 5 x 8,100 page book is approximately 20,000 words. That’s 20,000 words you would need to write in a four week period. Without structure, those words will loom over you! 20,000?! How can I write 20,000 in four weeks?! Tara Richter has come up with books full of tips for first time book writers and today we are going to share three of them from her book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks.” We’ll give you a sneak peek of how you can get that accomplished – and even chip in some FREE resources —


Tip #1

Use an accountability calendar and detailed outline. Download the forms from our website here: https://richterpublishing.com/resource

To get your copy of “Write a Book in 4 Weeks!” click here!

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Lose Yourself in a Good Read – Get Inspired By “The Little Amazonian”

When things feel like they aren’t going your way, or tragedy strikes and you don’t know how to go on, sometimes you just need to lose yourself in a good read that is about a woman who constantly perseveres when she is faced with controversy.

In The Little Amazonian, Miroslava Espinosa tells us a modern-day survival story that will amaze. Told through her memories, she relates stories of close encounters with wild animals, struggle for education, food, and money, and a myriad of health issues. Through it all, she emerges a strong woman who faces all odds with renewed determination.

“The Little Amazonian” By Miroslava Espinosa – Get it on Amazon Today!!

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