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Excerpt from “Secrets to Sustainable Solutions: Tips From Business, Science & Non-Profit Expert” by Lisa Blackburn Ullven

12.1 The Stranger Who Saved My Life

Things happened so fast; I went to travel school and got offered a job to work for an airline in Tampa at the exact job I wanted, close to the exact college I wanted to go to. My best friend said, “Come stay with me at the dorm for a couple weeks while you find a place.” When I arrived, Penelope, with her vibrant megaphone-like voice, yelled, “Hey, Lisa!” from the second-floor window. Yes, she took out the screen to stick her head out the window to get my attention. Afterward, even the people who lived on the downtown streets knew my name and said hi to me each day.

Since my new job at the airline had training in the evening, I often returned late to the dorm. Being just 18 years old—naïve and excited—I felt safe because there always seemed to be a lot of people and activity on the streets when I returned each evening. I started noticing that the same people walked the same exact routes each night. I even wrote to my mom about how nice the homeless people were and how I thought it was interesting that they seemed to have schedules. Seriously, if there was one perk to being homeless, I thought it would be sleeping in and not having a schedule—so I found it intriguing that they walked the same route each night, down to predictable details.

In particular, I was fascinated by one homeless man. With my training, I had to carry three large binders plus heavy official airline guide books that were like those thick, heavy, old phone books so I was especially grateful to him as he opened the door for me each night. I would say, “Thank you very much,” and he’d respond saying things like “You are quite welcome.” When I asked how he was, he would answer, “Very well, thank you” or “Quite well, and you?” Despite his ragged exterior, I could tell he was very intelligent and kind. He seemed more like a butler in an exclusive hotel than a homeless person.

Perplexed that he seemed more like a PhD college professor than a homeless man living on the street, I curiously asked, “You are very well educated, aren’t you?” He looked me in the eyes, smiled, and in a hearty, jolly, Santa-like tone, he replied, “Yes. I am very, VERY well educated.” I felt like he must have been a captain of a ship, a chief officer, or some big position before landing in his current situation, sleeping in front of a door with his main purpose in life seeming to be opening the door for college students. As I looked back at him, I thought there must be a very sad story of how he’d gotten here. I was not ready to hear that story and not sure he was up to sharing, so we just paused for a moment and went on our way.

One night, I had to stay at work much later because we had to do a special training after the office closed that required full access to the computer systems. By the time I headed back to the dorm, the streets were totally deserted. Even though it was a short walk, I didn’t feel good about walking alone. I considered going to a hotel, but I had a very bad experience when I was a kid when a gang tried to break into my family’s hotel room. Plus, I’d seen way too many movies where the single lady walks alone through a parking garage and something bad happens. Plan B was sleeping in the car, but I pictured myself waking up to an angry police officer or worse yet—a mad stranger. As many times as I said I was going to stay up all night, I was always the first to fall asleep, so not sleeping was not really an option. No option really seemed good, and I had to be back to training in a few hours, so I decided the best of the bad options was to go to Penelope’s dorm.

My crime watcher, “be-aware” mindset kicked in. One of the things I’d learned was to have your actions planned out so that if something does happen, you jump into action versus wasting valuable seconds trying to figure out what to do. Having a big pile of heavy books, my action plan was to immediately throw the books at the sign of any trouble. The only other option would be to run to my car, and I had seen way too many suspenseful horror films with the person jingling their keys and the predator right behind them. Throwing my books would pretty much be throwing away my perfect job, but that was my emergency plan. I figured it would distract them and slow them down as they would have to avoid tripping on the binders or slipping on the papers.

As I walked in my business suit with my pile of books in hand, my pump-shoe heels made a tap-dance type sound on the cement sidewalk with each step. It seemed like the sound echoed through each intensely quiet crevice of the downtown block, announcing my presence. As a precaution, I scanned the neighborhood just in case I needed to run. I looked across the street and closely examined alleys and inlets between the downtown buildings.

No cars, no people—I could almost hear my heart beating. Then I took a step forward and looked to the right. In between two buildings, I saw five men dressed in all dark clothing. As one of them uttered, “Get her,” I saw five shiny silver objects flash as they flicked their knives open. At that moment, I threw my books to the right and ran as fast as I could. Most people run well in sneakers, but for whatever reason, I could book it in high heels.

I got to the first-floor dorm entrance, pulled open the door, and ran up the stairs. While I never looked back, I heard the door open and slam and then immediately open and slam again. I imagined at least one of the five men had gotten into the corridor, but I could not imagine why the door slammed hard two times close together. I kept running, got to the second-floor door, and went inside. I heard a rugged voice yell, “Leave her alone. Stay away from her!” The sounds of the door opening and shutting quickly and then quickly again made sense now. Whoever that man was, he must have stopped the gang of men from opening the bottom door—causing it to slam and then slam again. I stayed up most of the night wondering what had happened and who that man was, where he had come from, and whether he had literally taken on a gang of five men.

The next day, the homeless man seemed upset and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you changed your schedule?” He acted like a protective father, upset at his daughter for staying out too late. I’d never had that experience because my father passed when I was very young, but at that moment, I suddenly felt like he was the caring, upset father—up all night, worried sick about his daughter. Confused as to why a homeless person would ask me such a question, I paused in silence. He then said, “We arranged our entire schedule to protect you—reserving a parking spot, having someone at various points. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to get home so late?”

At that moment, he handed me the school and airline books I had thrown into the street. He must have stayed up for hours putting the papers back into the binders, in perfect order. When I went to work, I noticed that there would be one page that still had mud or a stain from a puddle and then the next page would be in perfect condition, showing that he’d taken the papers that had flown out and had put them back into the binders where each page belonged. You could even tell how he’d tried to clean off the dirt and mud stains as there were brush marks on the papers. It was then that I knew for sure that he was the mystery man who’d stopped the gang members from getting to me.

Later, I learned that the college had flyers sent out saying not to go out at night. My friend was fearless and super busy, so she ignored the flyers and didn’t share the flyer until I mentioned the gang that chased after me. The flyer basically said that the campus police were escorting students, but then the escorts started getting beaten up, so the new instruction was not to go out at night. 

The good news is this expedited my new apartment search. I moved into a new apartment that week. Weeks later, I came back to say hello to my friends and stopped by to talk with the wonderful homeless man who had saved my life. I asked someone if the homeless man by the door was around. The person responded, “It’s safe now. They got rid of those homeless people.” The irony is that, had it not been for that gang, I would have never known that the homeless people arranged their schedule to protect me. I hope that kind, well-educated gentleman realized how grateful I am to him. Many times in corporate life I have been advised to stop caring so much for the “little people.” Those little people may just save your life someday.

Get the book now available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BSTNVPGZ Read more powerful stories like this from Lisa that she utilizes to help people find their superpowers.

See the press release here.

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Love Never Dies…

Innocence stolen. Love denied. Liv finds herself torn, haunted by memories of her dead boyfriend, tormented by those who may have killed him, and drawn to a mysterious new student who brings with him not only redemption and revenge, but the chance for her to live again.

A Portion of the Eternal by Maurice Jovan Billington

A Portion of the Eternal audiobook is now available on Amazon. By Maurice Jovan Billington (Author), Joanne Petrella (Narrator) and audio editor (Vicky David).

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Secrets to Sustainable Solutions:Tips From Business, Science & Non-Profit Experts

Lisa Blackburn Ullven, with 25+ years of being a global problem solver for Fortune 500 companies that are in the Top 3 in the industry, has strong experience using the best problem-solving tools in the world. Her passion is sharing these tools to strengthen our communities. In college, a professor said, “If you want to help people, learn about systems,” so she did just that. After earning her MBA with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, Lisa earned globally recognized certifications: Certified PMP® Project Management Professional; Certified Wellness Recovery and Action Plan® Facilitator; Certified Wraparound Coach and Trainer; Certified Help Desk Director and Manager; Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and ITIL® Certificate; and Certified Recovery Peer Specialist for Families. She is a partner and founding board member of Peace4Tarpon (Peace4Communities) and CEO of Guided Results LLC.

In her debut book, Secrets to Sustainable Solutions, Author and Facilitator in Wellness Recovery Lisa Blackburn Ullven MBA, delivers a formula to allow the everyday individual an opportunity to breathe through life without feeling suffocated. Lisa shares her personal stories of working with global companies to help readers relate to and understand their own superpowers. 

Whether you’re an adult, student in college or child, battling constant world problems on a personal and global scale is a challenge. Interdependence is key to our individual and collective survival, whether it’s finding one’s professional niche, handling difficult customers or developing ideas to handle climate change.  

Critically acclaimed leader, Lisa Ullven, shares her personal stories and reflects on the results to build the reader a path to follow. Ullven provides 180 Silo Secrets which everyone can immediately apply to their every day routine. Within this book you Lisa looks to answer these questions:

  • How and where do you find your superpower?
  • What are the 5 steps to success?
  • What are the 4 steps to interdependence?

The book will be released next week January 25th 2023! Mark your calendars. The link will be live then to order your copies on Amazon in paperback, hardback and ebook.

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It’s Hard to Die

This book title ended up being the actual fate of one of our authors in the Richter Publishing family. The author, Enrique A Cordero, passed away early December 2022. He was the Quarantine Writing Contest Winner back in 2020 with his book, “It’s Hard to Die!: Do I Hold On or Do I Let Go?” We published his book in English and Spanish in July of 2020. We are all saddened by his passing. Even though he was only with us a few years, Enrique published many books about this tough topic. As I spoke to his wife on the phone to tell me of his passing, I discovered how passionate he was about helping people. Mr. Cordero was a retired critical care respiratory therapist of forty-five years. Having spent two weeks on the receiving end of a ventilator, he wrote his first two books from a dual perspective: the caregiver of critically ill patients and the patient himself.

Chapter one of his book is named, So Here I Am–in a Place I Never Imagined. Don’t find yourself there! Quite often, heart-wrenching, end-of-life decisions must be made in a moment’s notice by laypersons and healthcare professionals alike. This book was written to help you understand many of the issues you may face, and help you unravel their complexity–so, when the time comes, you can think clearly and make informed decisions on behalf of the dying–be it you, loved ones, or your patients. 

FOR THE LAYPERSON: Are you truly prepared? Have You discussed your wishes with a trusted individual? Are you certain your final wishes will be carried out? It is not just about having your Last Will and Testament and pre-paid burial in place. Be aware of what you may encounter at the end of your life because some decisions can land you amid a technological hell. 

FOR HEALTHCARE PERSONNEL: A must-read book for all nurses and nursing students, all respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy students, and all healthcare personnel directly involved with patients nearing or at the end of life. Are you prepared to handle the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of your patients, their families, and yourself during such crucial moments? Some of the important elements covered are: 

Legal considerations regarding end-of-life decisions | How CPR it is performed, it’s success rate, possible complications | Life-support vs mechanical ventilation | How modern technology prolongs the dying process | How modern technology blurs the line between life and death | What is terminal? | Prolonging life vs quality of life| The consequences of withholding the truth regarding your illness or outcome | What it means to hold on or let go!

These are such important conversations to have with your family. I now know this personally as my father is very ill himself at 77 years old. After suffering a stroke 1.5 years ago, his brain is not normal and he does not necessarily know what is going on. He has hallucinations, is angry at the world, me and making decisions based on delusions that didn’t really happen. Having things locked into placed before these things happen is crucial and not allowing people to swoop in and take advantage of people in their declining state of health as well. Because family members will come out like vultures to take advantage of someone at the end of their life. Unfortunately, they will pawn on their emotional state and coerce them into doing things and exacerbate situations that were based on delusions to cut family members out.

You can find all of Enrique’s books on Amazon.

Enrique A Corderos books

About the Author, Enrique A Cordero R.I.P.

Enrique was a peaceful individual. His calm demeanor served as a fountain for the many expressions that bring balance into his life—he was cautious and adventurous, serious and lighthearted, cerebral and intuitive, realistic and spiritual. His wife will tell you that he was enigmatic and unconventional. This was the author in a nutshell.

Enrique became a Respiratory Therapist in 1973, then studied anthropology at the University of South Florida, Tampa. His attraction to religion and medical anthropology led him to study religion and spirituality from a cross-cultural perspective.

Enrique was a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and a Karuna® Reiki Master since 1996 and taught Reiki Certification Classes under the name, The Illuminators in St. Petersburg, Florida. He continued studies in the fields of alternative healing methods—such as the effects of sound, pranic healing, auric healing, and various other forms of energy and spiritual work. Enrique earned certifications in Reflexology and Hypnotherapy and is a Certified Chromotherapist, Aura Therapist, Sound Therapist, and Chakra Therapist.

Within a year after his nearing-death experience in 2001, he returned to the healthcare field—this time, with an entirely different perspective—one in which he recognized the need to integrate holistic practices into Western therapies—treating the body, mind, and spirit. Throughout his career of 45 years, his primary area of expertise was caring for critically ill patients and their loved ones. With his renewed vigor and conviction, he successfully melded the Western and Eastern philosophies of patient care into his respiratory care practice until his retirement in 2018.

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Mark Your Calendars, Our Next Book to be Published on January 25th 2023!

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to do it all? Feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? You are not the only one. When Lisa asked her then five-year-old daughter which audio book she wanted to listen to, her daughter said, “Please mom, no more world problems.” it reinforced that we are leaving our children with plenty of problems.

“Secrets to Sustainable Solutions: Tips From Business, Science & Non-Profit Experts” by Lisa Blackburn Ullven, will help you see that you are not supposed to do it all. All the tips inside this book will help you “find your piece” to “find your peace.” Readers are empowered with the tools inside this book to lead and be the change to to participate in positive changes in their life.

Everyone is dealt a ‘deck of cards’ at birth. That deck can represent people’s personalities as much as disparate situations. Each card/person has a role to play in the game of life. Interdependence is key to our individual and collective survival, whether it’s finding one’s professional niche, handling difficult customers, or developing creative ideas to stop climate change. Everything and everybody affects each other. Building from the principle that we often exist in solitary ‘silos,’ Ullven provides 180 Silo Secrets which readers can immediately apply in their daily lives. She helps readers identify their “superpowers” and use those to impact their personal lives, professional lives, and local communities. Perhaps most importantly, she emphasizes that no one person can do it all, nor should anyone attempt to do so. We’re all part of a greater whole and the tools she’s provided, ranging from personality assessments to top ten lists of tips, aim to help people feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed.

Mark your calendars for Jan 25th 2023! The. book will be available on Amazon in paperback, hardback and ebook. See what people are already saying about it.


“The tips and stories make it easy to empower young people to lead positive change.”
– Manzuk MiltonThe U.S. Department of State’s Community Solutions Program – Africa (implemented by IREX, The International Research & Exchanges Board).   

“…an absolute gift to the non-profit & NGO world.  It’s a game changer for sure!”
– Dr. Julie Radlaurer-Doerfler(PhD in Public Health, LMHC and CEO of Collectively). – Florida

“Revolutionary… a change making Bible.  Make the change by reading the book”.
– Angie Whitehurst, Social Justice Advocate – Washington DC

“Lisa Ullven compiled 20 years of problem-solving and solution design tips into this book. The examples and stories filled with hope and possibilities that you can adapt to develop community-centered solutions for the future.”
– Dr. Sandra Whitehead (George Washington University Sustainable Urban Planning Director; U.S. EPA Appointed Council member of EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council).

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Christmas Book CLOSEOUT sale!

Give the gift of reading this holiday. We have all kinds for everyone on your shopping list this year. Get them in time for Christmas plus discounts on certain prints below for deep discounts!

  • Fiction 
  • Nonfiction 
  • Memoirs 
  • Childrens 
  • Business Books
  • Humorous 
  • Cat lovers
  • and more!

Hardback was $20 now $17.53

Hardback was $38 now $12.84

Hardback was $18 now only $15.30

Paperback was $15 now only $11.44

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Paperback was $13 now only $4.02

Hardback was $30 now only $4.78



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Black Friday Deals!

Shop local this holiday season by getting books by authors and also a great deal with these books that are at a deep discount!

Hardcover was $20 now only $4.81 

Hardcover was $20 now only $5.36

Paperback was $24.99 now only $15.05

Hardback was $23 now only $13.96

Hardback was $25 now $4.69

Paperback was $15 now only $6.06

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Paperback was $24.95 now only $11.86

Paperback was $20 now only $12.02

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Paperback was $22 now only $11.65

Paperback was $45 now only $33.81

Paperback was $15 now only $10.34

Paperback was $20 now it’s only $8.03

Paperback was $15 now only $6.89

Paperback was $20 now only $4.51

Paperback was $15 now only $9.60

Paperback was $13 now only $4.02

Hardback was $30 now only $4.78



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Books By Veterans

In support of Veterans Day, check out some of our books written by veterans.

Jarron Webster is the author of Millennial Marriages: A Military Relationship, which explores the ins and outs of a military relationship in the first years after “I do.”

Millenium Marriages_Cover KINDLE

George Trowbridge is the author of Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir, which is about George’s journey in the Navy as he traversed the oceans of the globe to fight in America’s most unpopular war.


Tonja Anderson-Dell is the author of Gifts From A Glacier: The Quest for an American Flag and 52 Souls, which is about her journey to recover the bodies of 52 American soldiers who died in a mysterious plane crash in 1952.

Blank white book w/path

Karen Mertes is the author of Plaintiff 101, which details everything she learned about being the plaintiff in a personal injury case after a traumatic brain injury forced her to retire from being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.

Blank white book w/path

Corey Hall is the author of I Found Me, which is an inspirational story that brings light to an invisible enemy that millions of people suffer from in America—bipolar disorder.


Bob Baldwin and Jay Ledbetter co-authored Proper Care & Feeding of a Huntin’ Buddy, which is filled with hilarious short stories about their hunting adventures and escapades.

Blank white book w/path

Dr. Uhuru Smith, MD and Dr. Tracy Smith, PhD co-authored Modern IV Wellness, which introduces the world to a modern spin on the age-old use of IV therapy.

Blank white book w/path

Art Koch is the author of When Swing Was King!, which is about one of the most historical eras in American music.

When Swing Was King! by Art Koch

Scars of a Soldier by by Jonathan Bonnet follows Jonathan on his journey from a teenage delinquent to a soldier in Afghanistan.

Scars of a Soldier

The Audacity of Resilience: A Refugee Memoir by by Pitman Kennedy. An inspirational memoir of a man who escaped war torn Liberia to eventually find asylum in America. Who then serves in the US military and becomes a successful businessman and helps kids through his basketball programs.

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Writing Retreat Dates Announced for Peru 2023!

Our first writing retreat is going to take place in Peru! It is going to be seven days long. It will be held from September 2nd until September 8th 2023. It includes staying in luxurious hotels in the Sacred Valley and Cusco to explore all the amazing heritage that Peru has to offer. Read below to see all the details of our writing retreat to get your creative juices flowing on your next book!

2023 Retreat Itinerary!

DAY 1 – 9/02/2023: YOU ARRIVE IN LIMA

You fly into Lima airport. A representative will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel room. Included in the price is your stay at the airport hotel that night so we can all start our amazing trip together!

DAY – 2 9/03/2023: LIMA – CUSCO – SACRED VALLEY – Shaman Despacho Ceremony

We will have a group breakfast at the hotel in the morning. Afterwards we will catch our short flight to the Inca capital city of Cusco together. Our guides and driver will pick you up from the airport in Cusco and embark upon a guided excursion through snowcapped mountains to the legendary Sacred Valley, it’s as majestic today as it was during the reign of the Incas. We will stop along the way for a traditional lunch. You will see Inca terracing that climbs the steep valley walls and the beautiful temples of Pisac which inspire panoramic views of the jagged granite mountains. Pisac is the location for one of the best textile markets in the Andes. We continue into our luxurious resort in the Sacred Valley pictured above. A local Shaman will greet you from Peru, and you will have the chance to participate in a traditional “despacho” ceremony, giving gratitude to Mother Earth, and asking for a fruitful journey for all participants. This is a colorful experience to conjure up creative thoughts! Take the evening to relax and acclimate to the altitude. Dinner on your own.


Enjoy a group breakfast at the resort. Workshop #1 from 9am-12pm. Enjoy lunch on your own at the resort. Surrounded by amazing mountains for inspiration, take time to work on your manuscript during the afternoon and enjoy the resort amenities. Schedule one on one time with Tara. Everyone will get a private one hour consultation during the retreat. Then a group dinner.

DAY 4 – 9/05/2023: MACHU PICCHU

After a group breakfast, we will take the train to Machu Picchu Town (Aguas Calientes.) This beautiful train ride traverses along the Vilcabamba River for 1 1⁄2 hours – and you will get to experience the “eyebrow of the jungle”. Follow your English speaking guides on an incredible tour of Machu Picchu. You will explore the famous ruins of this magnificent mountain citadel and learn about the history of the ancient people who created it. This afternoon we head to the train station for a ride back to Ollantaytambo where your private transportation will take you to Cusco where you will check in to your next fabulous hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel together. Workshop #2 from 9am -12pm. Free time during the afternoon to write in your book and explore the quaint streets of Cusco on your own. Return to hotel, where as a group we will walk to a fantastic restaurant for our dinner together.


Enjoy a group breakfast at the hotel. Workshop #3, 9am-12pm. Then a guided walking tour through Cusco’s craft markets. You will visit the colonial cathedral and Koricancha, the Inca’s Temple of the Sun and the main plaza, the Plaza de Armas. Experience the vibrancy of local neighborhoods. You will be returned to you hotel for another evening in colonial Cusco. Meet with the group for an included dinner at the end of the day.


After one last wonderful breakfast together, we will meet as a group to conclude our workshop. Then share lunch after the final workshop and depart from the hotel. The private driver will take you to the airport where you will catch your flight to Lima. You can stay in Lima and make your trip longer at the point, or you can make your connecting flight home. But the retreat is done. You will have all your amazing experiences, writing materials and new friends with you for a lifetime!

Included in this amazing experience is:

  • 3 luxury hotel stays
  • 2 domestic flights within Peru
  • 6 Breakfasts, 3 lunches & 3 dinners
  • Private transfers to all accommodations with the group
  • English speaking tour guides throughout the trip
  • 4 writing workshops to get your book done with streamlined methods Tara has used over the last 15 years
  • 1 hour private consultation with Tara about your manuscript
  • Zoom call prior to prep for what to pack and prepare ahead of time
  • 3 excursions (Shaman ceremony, Machu Picchu & walking tour) all entrance tickets to and transportation; trains, buses etc.
  • Inclusion into Facebook group with other participants to chat and get to know each other ahead of time and ask questions.

Whats NOT included:

  • Drinks
  • Your international flights to and from Peru
  • Travel Insurance
  • Additional excursions
  • Extra meals/ food bought at the hotels
  • Bad decisions
  • Not actually writing in your manuscript
  • You also must have 2 vaccinations to enter the country of Peru and be able to show your vaccination card.
  • Your passport must be current and up to date prior to leaving. We will need copies of it to enter all areas of the country.

You can come on this amazing experience with us for only $6,500! That includes everything in the itinerary above. Isn’t that insane? To pack ALL of that into one price!? That price is for a double occupancy room. If you want a single room all to yourself, just add another $500.

However, we have an early bird special! If you book and pay in full by Dec. 31st 2022, we will give you $1,000 off! Reserve your spot for our Peru Writing Retreat by Dec 31st 2022 and pay in full and get all this for only $5,500!! If you do not have a roommate in mind, don’t worry we can pair you up with someone awesome. Just click here to save your spot for Peru! Or if you would like to write us a check, Just make it out to: Richter Publishing LLC & mail it to: 9355 113th St. #8576
Seminole, FL 33772. Please make a note of Peru Writing Retreat 2023. And include your name address and phone number so we can contact you fill out important information afterwards. Or click the button below:

If you would like to make payments, the retreat is $6,500 / 8 months = $812.50 + finance fee $30 = $842.50. The balance has to be paid in full by July 1st 2023 before we leave. We have to buy tickets for everything. Tickets are linked to everyone’s passport and they are non-transferable. You can setup payments here. It will deduct automatically from your account on the day you start it after you make the first payment. No need to do it again after the first payment.

*Spouse or friend special price. If there is someone who wants to come along on the trip, say a spouse or a partner who is not interested in the writing retreat part but just wants to participate in the journey, we can accommodate them at a special rate. This special rate is only available as an add on ticket to a person who is already attending the workshop portion. For example; someone wants to come to the retreat and their partner wants to come as well, but isn’t interested in the writing portion, they can come and participate in everything minus the writing workshops at a discount rate. It would be a double room occupancy. This special rate would be an additional $4,000. Please contact us to arrange payment since this is only available as an add-on. This is also only available for adults 21 and older please no children.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us! We would be happy to answer all of your questions. We are so excited to go back to Peru in 2023 with you! Just click here & go to our contact form fill it out and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Happy Halloween!

We had fun at our Halloween Horror book singing party on October 22nd at Century Jewelers.

Get your costume accessories at Century Jewelers! https://thecenturyjewelers.com/

6801 Gulfport Blvd S. #12
South Pasadena, FL 33707

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