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Traditional publishing, as we know it, won’t be around much longer.

This here is exactly the reason why I am working on a documentary about the publishing industry with Maurice Jovan to educate authors. Because traditional publishing is falling! The proof is in the pudding Penguin House is in a lawsuit. Can’t wait for our documentary to come out soon! It describes the differences between indie publishing, traditional publishing and self-publishing. Traditional publishing, like Penny Sansevieri describes in her article, is archaic and an outdated model. With POD (print on demand) and technology, small indie presses can do the exactly the same thing as the big guys. AND they don’t really help you with marketing. However, new authors have this pie-in-the-sky dream of becoming the next JK Rowling’s and it’s really not about that. It’s about getting your book out on distribution channels first. Baby steps.

Let me be clear: I don’t dislike traditional publishing, but they’re operating in an antiquated system that has worked for them previously, but really doesn’t support the author or, for that matter, further book sales.” Penny Sansevieri

Read her entire article here. This is what I have been saying for years. After sitting in conferences with and on panels right next to the big guys. But people don’t want to listen. I’m so glad someone else is saying the same thing. It’s so refreshing to hear.


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The President of Richter Publishing will be on USF’s Career Panel This Wednesday!

The panel will be hosted by Dr. Jessica Cook and Dr. Michael Shuman from the English Dept. Our Community Partners will be Tara Richter from Richter Publishing, Neysa Battistini from Hands in Motion Music and Marketing, and Ken Gibson from Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. Student participants will be Jenna Gatley and Anika McGetchin.

USF’s Career Week is off to a great start, this panel is to help and educate on internships and careers that will benefit USF students who want careers in the writing or publishing fields.

The call should be recorded and available after for those that are interested to listening in as well. We will post it when available.


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Horror/ Sci-fi Book Signing October 22nd

Halloween Drink or Treat

Century Jeweler’s Halloween party! 

FREE drinks, music, food while you shop for all your Halloween accessories. 

We have silver day of the dead necklaces, rhinestone bat purses, murder bracelets, amethyst skull rings, gold skeleton earrings & more. Everything to make your costume sparkle all throughout the night! 

Visit the other stores in Samos Corner and drink or treat your way down the plaza. 

This year we are also holding a horror/ sci-fi book signing. Chat with local authors about their scary fiction novels and grab a few copies to read ghost stories around the camp fires this holiday season. Don’t miss out!

Author titles included:

  • Mystery of the Vamours: New Beginnings by Mercedes Hubert
  • A Portion of the Eternal & This Plane is Going to Crash (dark poetry) by Maurice Jovan Billington
  • SOLD & FOR SALE by Ginger Rodeghero
  • Seasons of Change by Sim Johnson 
  • How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse by Tara Richter

October 22, 2022 from 2-7PM 

6801 Gulfport Blvd S. #12

South Pasadena, FL 33707

(727) 344-2524

Click here to RSVP

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Alder Allensworth Book Signing Event

Local Author Spotlight! Book signing event at Clearwater main library this Saturday August 13th. Be inspired by one woman’s remarkable adventure! Alder Allensworth lost one eye to cancer, but made a miraculous recovery and took on a 1,200-mile sailing journey from Florida to Maine. This voyage onboard the 12-foot Prevail was to raise money and awareness for sailors with disabilities, however, Alder was faced with challenges she had never encountered before. Prevail: Celebrate the Journey follows Alder’s incredible story through her diagnosis, sailing expedition, and to the creation of the nonprofit organization Sailability Greater Tampa Bay, which provides sailing instruction and recreation to people of all ages and abilities.

To buy her book, before the event, click here to go to Amazon.

Alder Allensworth book signing

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Rights & Royalties Explained

Rights & Royalties are very similar in the songwriting world and that of the book 📚 publishing world. Here is an easy explanation of how book rights and royalties work and how it is similar. Also the difference between indie publishers and traditional publishing houses.

Here is an interesting story I just read:
Kelis is not the songwriter or producer of “Milkshake” so her money stopped after she stopped performing it. She doesn’t get to make any decisions regarding the song. She does not continue to get paid from the song. Beyoncé puts out a song called “Energy” in which there is an interpolation of Milkshake, not a sample. Beyoncé legally clears the use with the songs producers and adds Kelis as a songwriter which means she can NOW get paid for years to come.

Kelis goes on a tangent calling Beyoncé a thief and says she could have had the decency to call her, even though she didn’t have a legal obligation to do so. Instead of Beyoncé responding negatively, she simply removes Kelis as a songwriter and the use of a simple “La La La” that would have gotten Kelis paid for life.

Now Kelis is back to square one, no credits and no money from a hit song she didn’t even own. And y’all thinking Beyoncé was wrong? If anything, it’s a surprise gift. Hey, I know you didn’t get taken care of for your single, so here is an opportunity where you are put you as a writer on my song so that you can get paid….

At Richter Publishing we allow the authors to keep their rights to their stories just like Beyoncé so you don’t end up like Kelis. Moral of the story, Kelis is like going to traditional publishing route, Beyoncé is smart like going the indie route. Be smart be like Beyoncé and read your contracts. Know what you are signing and what you are getting yourself into.

Beyoncé & Kelis fued
Beyoncé & Kelis

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National Coloring Book Day!

Guess what today is!? It’s National Coloring Book Day! Coloring books have gotten some serious, grown-up attention lately. National Coloring Book Day (August 2) helps us relive our childhood playdates and discover new health and wellness benefits now that coloring is no longer just for kids. In fact, adult coloring books seem to be the latest wellness and relaxation trend that helps people find happiness between the lines.

Researchers and art therapists have lauded the benefits of coloring for over a decade but only recently did publishers and childhood favorite brands like Crayola, start producing adult coloring books. Ever wanted to paint the town red? Or maybe purple, blue or even rainbow? Well, now’s your chance, so break out those coloring books and indulge in some colorful fun!

So grab a copy of my adult coloring book to help with your adult stress!

The Dating Jungle: Adult Coloring Book by Tara Richter $9.99

The Dating Jungle: Adult Coloring Book by Tara Richter

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Seasons of Change

Nature has finally turned against man. Weather conditions are extreme and unbearable, forcing people everywhere to come to terms with their reckless disregard for the earth that we call home. That is until one courageous soul, Sarah Newman, begins a journey to change the fate of humankind and protect those that might otherwise perish from an upcoming apocalyptic freeze. How does an ordinary woman fare against the anger of nature and the force of the elements. Will she succeed where others have tried and failed? There’s only one way to find out.

Our newest publication! A collaboration between two authors; by Sim Johnson & Maurice Jovan Billington.

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Zombies Took Home the Bronze Medal in the Biz Category!

How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse, took home the bronze medal in the business category for the Florida Authors and Publishers Association Book Awards. The book was written by President of Richter Publishing LLC, Tara Richter, during the summer of 2020. With the global pandemic cutting sales and shuttering many businesses, Ms. Richter wrote of her own struggles to keep her indie publishing house afloat. The book was released in October 2020, fitting with whimsical zombie images to keep the dire topic in a humorous tone. Humor has always gotten the publisher through many hardships and this one is no exception. The book hit Amazon Best Sellers list and still ranks high in the respective categories eight months later. Interestingly enough many readers have submitted reviews yet Amazon won’t publish them. I suppose they are afraid of the zombies coming to get them too? Irregardless this book will eat away at your brain. Telling the truth of what we all went through as business owners. The truth will be told even if you don’t like it.  The book is available on distribution channels all over the world. 

Barnes & Noble >>
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Amazon >>

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Richter Publishing’s National Nurses Day Spotlight on the Award Winning Title, “No Time to Care” by Charles Kunkle!

Blank white book w/path

In honor of National Nurses Day, we are spotlighting our Award-Winning Author, Charles Kunkle!

In any hospital setting, a team of enthusiastic and engaged caregivers translates into better patient outcomes. But how can leaders foster engagement among workers who, all too often, are overwhelmed by the pressure to meet the needs of patients as well as the growing expectations of their employers in today’s high-stress health-care environments? No Time to Care has the answer.

With a positive message at its core, this book is written in a personable manner, using humor, life experiences, and powerful storytelling to encourage teamwork in delivering the ultimate patient experience!

Richter Publishing’s author, Charles Kunkle,  of No Time to Care: A Leadership Game Plan to Ensure Caregiver Engagement won 2nd place in the The American Journal of Nursing 2016 Book Awards!

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.07.49 PM

To get your copy of No Time to Care click here!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Richter Publishing!


Richter Publishing wishes all of our aspiring and published authors a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

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