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Our Newest Release: ¡Es Difícil Morir!

¿Me Aferro A La Vida o Me Dejo Ir? by Enrique A. Cordero 

Hardback Spanish 3DEl primer capítulo de este libro se titula, Así Que Aquí Estoy, En Un Lugar Que Nunca Imaginé. ¡Usted no quisiera encontrase ahí! Muy a menudo, los profesionales de la salud y el público en general se enfrentan con decisiones desgarradoras asociadas con el final de la vida. Este libro fue escrito para ayudarle a entender muchos de los problemas que pudieran presentarse y ayudarle a descifrar su complejidad. Esto le ayudara a tomar decisiones informadas relacionadas con el final de la vida, ya séase usted mismo, algún ser querido o sus pacientes.

PARA EL PUBLICO EN GENERAL: ¿Estás preparado? ¿Ha discutido sus deseos con una persona de confianza? ¿Está seguro de que sus deseos finales se llevarán a cabo? Este consciente de lo que pudiera encontrar al final de su vida porque algunas decisiones lo pueden arrojar a un infierno tecnológico.

PARA EL PERSONAL DE SALUD: un libro informativo para todo el personal de atención médica: enfermeras, estudiantes de enfermería, terapeutas respiratorios y estudiantes de terapia respiratoria. ¿Tiene usted la experiencia necesaria para enfrentarse con los problemas mentales, emocionales y espirituales de sus pacientes, sus familiares o los suyos durante esos momentos cruciales? Algunos de los elementos importantes tratados son:

Consideraciones legales con respecto a las decisiones al final de la vida | Cómo se realiza la RCP, tasas de éxito, posibles complicaciones | Soporte vital vs ventilación mecánica | Cómo la tecnología moderna prolonga el proceso de muerte y difumina la línea entre la vida y la muerte | ¿Qué significa terminal? | Prolongar la vida vs la calidad de vida | Los resultados de retener la verdad con respecto a su enfermedad o resultado final | ¡Qué significa retener o dejar ir a una persona!

Este libro no se trata de cuidados paliativos o la comprensión de los procesos de duelo. Se trata de esos pacientes desafortunados y sus familias que se encuentra atrapados en una pesadilla ocasionada por la tecnología médica moderna.


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#1 New Release in West African History & #2 in African Biographies!

Our newest book, “The Audacity of Resilience: A Refugee Memoir” by Pitman A. Kennedy has hit #1 New Release in West African History & #2 in African Biographies! Get your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Audacity-Resilience-Refugee-Memoir/dp/194581294X 

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 11.13.40 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.33.35 PM

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The Audacity of Resilience

Welcome our newest published author, Pitman Kennedy! Amidst the turmoil of America, this book is of hope and determination. Not only did this man survive a civil war as a child, he published a book during a pandemic and riots. His resilience is admirable and speaks to the courage we all need today.

“The Audacity of Resilience: A Refugee Memoir,” is an inspirational story of a man who escaped war torn Liberia to eventually find asylum in America. However, it was not an easy road to travel. As a child, it took Pitman and his family almost two months to walk on foot from their country into Sierra Leon. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, they had to hide from rebels who were on a rampage amputating and murdering anyone who they thought were connected to the government. In his debut book, Kennedy takes you along his journey of being a refugee from a 3rd world country to becoming a successful businessman in the states. Find it on Amazon:

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Quarantined Writing Contest Winner Announcements!

We are so excited to announce the winner of our contest. We had so many amazing submissions this time, so we also have two runner ups! Watch to find out who won 🙂

Quarantined Writing contest winner announced!

Quarantined Writing contest winner announced!

We will also be emailing all submission to give them a professional review of their manuscript. We will send out personalized emails next week. Please bear with us as we have many people to reach out to, but will get to all of you ASAP 🙂

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New Membership Site For All Authors


Publish a Book, Leave Your Legacy! Richter Publishing has been helping aspiring authors to write, publish and market their own books for the last 10 years. Now we are excited to launch this membership site that will assist you in creating your manuscript and publishing your book!

  • Join this membership for all our trade secrets of getting your book published.
  • Never before shared information and support.
  • Easy to follow step by step guide so you don’t shrink into fear.
  • Publishing support and coaching all for only $1 per day.

You will be part of a writing community where you can ask questions and collaborate with other accomplished authors that can help you on your journey, no matter where you are at in the process.

Sign up here to get on a secret VIP list of invitations that will be sent out prior to anyone else to get signed up at a discounted rate you will never see again! 

Author Solutions


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Quarantine Writing Contest Manuscripts Due Today!

Richter Publishing’s Writing Contest Manuscripts Due! And some other exciting announcements by the President. Click below to listen to find out more details. Submit your stories here: https://richterpublishing.com/writing-contest

Quarantine Writing Contest

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Authors Give Back! All Ebooks 60% OFF

All of our ebooks are now on sale for 60% off until May 31st 2020.  Just click on the image below and you will be taken to our entire list of ebooks. We have something for everyone to keep your mind stimulated while you stay safe indoors. Select the title you like and it will give you the discount during check out.




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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! So rumor has it the Easter bunny 🐰 got out of quarantine to deliver free copies of “How to Write a Book in 4 Weeks” to everyone’s basket! If you didn’t get yours watch this video 🐣 

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.05.02 PM

or click on the easter basket to receive your free gift!

Write a Book in 4 Weeks


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Quarantined Writing Contest!

Get Your Book Published!

Richter Publishing is excited to announce it will hold a writing contest for aspiring authors during the 2020 lockdown. This is an incredible opportunity to utilize this time to do something productive. The competition is for anyone who wants to publish a book. You do not have to be a seasoned writer or a professional. It’s an open opportunity for everyone!

The winner of the contest will receive a FREE publishing contract! Yes, that’s right. If your manuscript is chosen, you will get your book published in paperback and digital formats on distribution channels all over the world! So do not miss this opportunity. Please see all the details below. If you have any questions in regard to the challenge, you can contact us here for questions.

Deadline to submit manuscripts is midnight EST May 1st 2020. Winner will be announced online May 15th 2020. We will do a FB live to announce and email the author.

Get free resources here to help you start. We wish you the best of luck!


  • All applicants must be mentally competent to sign a contract. Applicants under 18 must have a parent or guardian able to sign on their behalf.
  • Manuscripts must be written in English.
  • It does not have to be professionally edited. However, it might help your chances.
  • All manuscripts must be typed in a Word document. No paper submissions.
  • Applicants cannot be currently employed by Richter Publishing LLC or have worked there in the past 3 years.
  • Authors who are currently in a contract with Richter Publishing cannot submit for the title we are already working on. New titles are acceptable.
  • All content must be the original writing of the person submitting. You cannot submit on the behalf of someone else.
  • Manuscripts must be between 20,000 and 100,000 words.
  • Manuscripts must be a complete, comprehensive story from beginning to end. Please do not submit work that is only half finished. We need the entire story.
  • Scope of work can be: Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Memoir, History, Poetry or Fiction. Types of books we do not accept are: Children’s Books, Erotica or any slanderous types of stories. If you are not sure if your story would fit, please contact us here. 
  • Submissions must be entered on our website below. Please do not email submissions or mail them. Only online submissions will be accepted.
  • DEADLINE: All manuscripts must be entered by May 1st 2020 midnight. 

Submit your work: 

Click here to go to the following webpage to submit for the contest. The system will make you select an appointment time in order to submit your manuscript, but you can disregard that.


Previous Contest Winners: Alder Allensworth & Ruth Brunson!

Blank white book w/path


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New Office Policies March 19th, 2020

During these unique times we want to let you know that Richter Publishing is operating all things as normal. Thankfully our business model has always functioned online so our operations are not being affected at this time. Freelancers have always worked from home. Interns and admins are now doing their duties from home as well. We will still be editing and publishing books, however we are asking for authors to not visit the office in person. We are still taking on new authors but request that everyone speak to us over the phone or email. If you are a new author you can set up a 20 minute book discovery call on our website here: https://richterpublishing.com/contact-us/

We are also creating an online self publishing course that we hope to launch by the end of the month. It will be available at a deep discount for the first few months. Authors will be able to publish their books cost effectively within the comfort of their own home and hopefully create another stream of revenue with their new books in this difficult time. Thank you for taking your part in helping this crisis to be contained as quickly as possible.

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