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Traditional publishing, as we know it, won’t be around much longer.

This here is exactly the reason why I am working on a documentary about the publishing industry with Maurice Jovan to educate authors. Because traditional publishing is falling! The proof is in the pudding Penguin House is in a lawsuit. Can’t wait for our documentary to come out soon! It describes the differences between indie publishing, traditional publishing and self-publishing. Traditional publishing, like Penny Sansevieri describes in her article, is archaic and an outdated model. With POD (print on demand) and technology, small indie presses can do the exactly the same thing as the big guys. AND they don’t really help you with marketing. However, new authors have this pie-in-the-sky dream of becoming the next JK Rowling’s and it’s really not about that. It’s about getting your book out on distribution channels first. Baby steps.

Let me be clear: I don’t dislike traditional publishing, but they’re operating in an antiquated system that has worked for them previously, but really doesn’t support the author or, for that matter, further book sales.” Penny Sansevieri

Read her entire article here. This is what I have been saying for years. After sitting in conferences with and on panels right next to the big guys. But people don’t want to listen. I’m so glad someone else is saying the same thing. It’s so refreshing to hear.


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Horror/ Sci-fi Book Signing October 22nd

Halloween Drink or Treat

Century Jeweler’s Halloween party! 

FREE drinks, music, food while you shop for all your Halloween accessories. 

We have silver day of the dead necklaces, rhinestone bat purses, murder bracelets, amethyst skull rings, gold skeleton earrings & more. Everything to make your costume sparkle all throughout the night! 

Visit the other stores in Samos Corner and drink or treat your way down the plaza. 

This year we are also holding a horror/ sci-fi book signing. Chat with local authors about their scary fiction novels and grab a few copies to read ghost stories around the camp fires this holiday season. Don’t miss out!

Author titles included:

  • Mystery of the Vamours: New Beginnings by Mercedes Hubert
  • A Portion of the Eternal & This Plane is Going to Crash (dark poetry) by Maurice Jovan Billington
  • SOLD & FOR SALE by Ginger Rodeghero
  • Seasons of Change by Sim Johnson 
  • How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse by Tara Richter

October 22, 2022 from 2-7PM 

6801 Gulfport Blvd S. #12

South Pasadena, FL 33707

(727) 344-2524

Click here to RSVP

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Back to School Books

It’s that time of year again! It’s been a tough few years for kids and teachers alike. Here are some books from Richter Publishing to help us all get back into the grind for fall 2022.

From Stand-Up Comedian to Stand-Up Teacher by Mike Rivera
From Stand-Up Comedian to Stand-Up Teacher by Mike Rivera

From “Stand-up Comedian to Stand-up Teacher” is the story of Mike Rivera, “America’s Most Hilarious Teacher.” Talented and experienced in the worlds of both comedy and teaching, Mike brings together the unique perspectives of a nationally touring stand-up comedian, and an award-winning teacher, with the purpose of invigorating today’s American classroom. He calls this “The Comedy/Teaching Craft” and “The STAND-UP Strategies.” (Click the pic to get on Amazon)

¡Spanish for You!: Spanish Course for Beginners and Advanced Students A1-B1
¡Spanish for You!: Spanish Course for Beginners and Advanced Students A1-B1

This Spanish course is a detailed guide to learning the Spanish language. Particularly, it is intended to help students approach real-language usage. In many leccións, everyday topics are discussed, including very useful vocabulary. For those cases in which vocabulary is extensive, a part is integrated into the lección’s grammar section, and the rest is discussed separately. In addition, many English translations are included for ease of understanding. Separate leccións are devoted to the distinctions between ser and estar, and por and para. Exercises are used to make their distinct application clear and understandable. The four past tenses are also clearly explained. Exercises illustrate when each should be used. At the end there is a vocabulary that contains all the Spanish words in this book. In addition, as a small bonus many other important Spanish phrases and words are also included in this vocabulary. This book can help anyone learn Spanish in a quick and easy approach! (Click the pic to get on Amazon.)

Learning Curve: How To Prepare for Success When You Don't Know Where Your Life Is Going.
Learning Curve: How To Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going.

You are a high school student, and for some reason you’re not inspired to do your best work. In fact, the only reason you even work as hard as you do may be due to a fear of punishment from authority figures. You’ve noticed other students that seem to be focused, but you don’t know how they do it. You have interests, but nothing that keeps your attention for long, or relates to a path where you will enjoy personal achievement one day. You may have talked with teachers, counselors, other students, and parents about your future, but nothing seems to click. What do you do? Where do you go to find your path? How do you find a path? Is there even a path for everyone? You may wonder, why can’t you just pick something, and have it inspire you so that you enjoy learning? Why do some seem to have it so easy? Over half the students I work with are sitting high school just “floating” along until something, anything, catches their attention. Many take the default path and pick college, or the military thinking this “experience” will solve their dilemma. This isn’t because they are bad kids, stupid, can’t do the work, or don’t care. These high school students want to be inspired to do great things and have a successful life, but don’t know how. I, too, was a “floater.” With grades and SAT scores in hand, I would sit and watch the students that knew what they wanted to do and pick those paths with confidence. I knew early that a job wasn’t going to be the ultimate living strategy unless I was able to use all of my talents and do great things. I had great teachers and coaches in high school who constantly challenged me; the problem was that I knew they would be gone the moment I moved my tassel from right to left. What the hell was I going to do with my life? As a person who has sat through two college graduations asking, “What am I going to do now?” I can honestly tell you, it isn’t a great feeling. Once I finally jumped from the “job” ship and really worked to forge my own path, I learned a real smack in the face lesson; I had wasted time. What did I waste time doing? I wasted time not developing the skills that would transfer to any path of success I chose. Once I jumped the “job” ship, I had to learn a whole new set of personal characteristics and skills in order to achieve my dreams. In Learning Curve: How to Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life is Going, I share my story, and then a list of characteristics each student can develop before success happens, so that when they find their passion, these skills will be a part of their character, and the transition toward success will be easier, faster, and more rewarding. Over time, these characteristics will become stronger as they are practiced with intent to find the path that is right for you. Your “WHY” should be based on the life you desire. By waiting until you know exactly what you want to do to develop these characteristics, you waste valuable resources, such as time and money, and may not be able to make up the ground when you finally are “inspired.” This results in missing valuable experience and opportunities while adding unwanted confusion and frustration to life. By developing the right personal characteristics, you will have a greater chance of grabbing that opportunity that is important to the success you desire as it starts to reveal itself. If your “WHY” in life is to be happy, achieve personal defined success, and wake up many days knowing you are making a difference in this world, then you should read this book. As you complete the chapter, work to answer the follow-up questions that are at the end of each characteristic. Don’t worry if you can’t answer them all at once, you are a work in progress. (Click on pic to get on Amazon.)

Rock the Crowd: How The Cool Teachers Inspire More Students, Earn More Respect, and Become Lifelong Mentors.
Rock the Crowd: How The Cool Teachers Inspire More Students, Earn More Respect, and Become Lifelong Mentors. 

Is there anything better for students than being in the class of the cool teacher? When it comes to being a teenage student, and being forced to attend school, there is nothing better than a class where the teacher is passionate about education. How do these popular teachers continue to be the sparkle in the eyes of so many children, while there are others that can’t get them to pay attention? Rock the Crowd shares the methods of those teachers that are considered cool by students, while maintaining the best relationships for valuable learning to take place. For the “cool teacher,” the front of their classroom is their stage, and every day, for hours, they give the greatest performance their students have seen to date. The crowd-rocker teaches with passion and convictions that inspire real student connections and learning that last a lifetime. These teachers are popular, year after year, while others are still struggling to learn how to relate to the students. In Rock the Crowd, I share all the things cool teachers do that make them successful in working with, and producing, successful and long lasting, learning-centered relationships. Rock the Crowd is great for teachers who are struggling to find their teaching groove and to re-energize those that are already grooving. (Click on pic to get on Amazon.)

Riley and Milo: A Puppy’s Story of Coping With Grief and Loss
Riley and Milo: A Puppy’s Story of Coping With Grief and Loss

Processing death with a child is not an easy task. In fact, many people find it overwhelming and do not know how to initiate the conversation with young children. Using books, or bibliotherapy, as a method of explaining loss and grief is an effective tool for complex conversations. The book Riley and Milo leads young readers through the stages of grief such as: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. As the puppy Riley is processing the death of her best friend Milo, she explains her feelings and the impact of Milo’s death on her life. This book was created to help naturalize the emotions and experiences of young readers who are coping with grief and loss. (Click on pic to get a copy on Amazon.)

Cassie L. D’Addeo, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified School Counselor residing in Manatee County, Florida. When moving to Florida five years ago, Cassie opened Green Couch Counseling, LLC a private counseling practice servicing children, adolescents and adults. Cassie has a passion for helping people and dedicated her life work to assisting people through life’s most difficult challenges.

This book was created as a graduate school project while completing an internship with Broward County Public Schools. In January 2010 prior to graduation, the earthquake in Haiti occurred bringing hundreds of children from Haiti to the Fort Lauderdale area. Many young children were experiencing extreme loss and grief from the aftermath of the earthquake. Cassie used bibliotherapy as a means of communicating and processing grief with the children. At this time, the first draft of the manuscript was created. Cassie graduated Nova Southeastern University with a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and went on to provide clinical services in outpatient, residential, home-based, and in the school setting.

In May 2020, Cassie experienced her own loss, after tragically losing her canine companion, Riley. Riley was born in Wisconsin, May 2013, and started training to be a clinical therapy dog at eight weeks old. Within her first year of life, Riley completed her training, certification and her clinical internship with Youth and Family Counseling in Libertyville, Illinois. Riley served many years as Cassie’s co-therapist. In the Fall of 2020, Cassie’s mom suggested that she finish the project she started 10 years ago in honor of her canine co-therapist, Riley. After revisions and name changes, the final manuscript was completed. Riley and Milo: A puppy’s story of coping with grief and loss is Cassie’s first children’s book publication.

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Alder Allensworth Book Signing Event

Local Author Spotlight! Book signing event at Clearwater main library this Saturday August 13th. Be inspired by one woman’s remarkable adventure! Alder Allensworth lost one eye to cancer, but made a miraculous recovery and took on a 1,200-mile sailing journey from Florida to Maine. This voyage onboard the 12-foot Prevail was to raise money and awareness for sailors with disabilities, however, Alder was faced with challenges she had never encountered before. Prevail: Celebrate the Journey follows Alder’s incredible story through her diagnosis, sailing expedition, and to the creation of the nonprofit organization Sailability Greater Tampa Bay, which provides sailing instruction and recreation to people of all ages and abilities.

To buy her book, before the event, click here to go to Amazon.

Alder Allensworth book signing

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Rights & Royalties Explained

Rights & Royalties are very similar in the songwriting world and that of the book 📚 publishing world. Here is an easy explanation of how book rights and royalties work and how it is similar. Also the difference between indie publishers and traditional publishing houses.

Here is an interesting story I just read:
Kelis is not the songwriter or producer of “Milkshake” so her money stopped after she stopped performing it. She doesn’t get to make any decisions regarding the song. She does not continue to get paid from the song. Beyoncé puts out a song called “Energy” in which there is an interpolation of Milkshake, not a sample. Beyoncé legally clears the use with the songs producers and adds Kelis as a songwriter which means she can NOW get paid for years to come.

Kelis goes on a tangent calling Beyoncé a thief and says she could have had the decency to call her, even though she didn’t have a legal obligation to do so. Instead of Beyoncé responding negatively, she simply removes Kelis as a songwriter and the use of a simple “La La La” that would have gotten Kelis paid for life.

Now Kelis is back to square one, no credits and no money from a hit song she didn’t even own. And y’all thinking Beyoncé was wrong? If anything, it’s a surprise gift. Hey, I know you didn’t get taken care of for your single, so here is an opportunity where you are put you as a writer on my song so that you can get paid….

At Richter Publishing we allow the authors to keep their rights to their stories just like Beyoncé so you don’t end up like Kelis. Moral of the story, Kelis is like going to traditional publishing route, Beyoncé is smart like going the indie route. Be smart be like Beyoncé and read your contracts. Know what you are signing and what you are getting yourself into.

Beyoncé & Kelis fued
Beyoncé & Kelis

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National Coloring Book Day!

Guess what today is!? It’s National Coloring Book Day! Coloring books have gotten some serious, grown-up attention lately. National Coloring Book Day (August 2) helps us relive our childhood playdates and discover new health and wellness benefits now that coloring is no longer just for kids. In fact, adult coloring books seem to be the latest wellness and relaxation trend that helps people find happiness between the lines.

Researchers and art therapists have lauded the benefits of coloring for over a decade but only recently did publishers and childhood favorite brands like Crayola, start producing adult coloring books. Ever wanted to paint the town red? Or maybe purple, blue or even rainbow? Well, now’s your chance, so break out those coloring books and indulge in some colorful fun!

So grab a copy of my adult coloring book to help with your adult stress!

The Dating Jungle: Adult Coloring Book by Tara Richter $9.99

The Dating Jungle: Adult Coloring Book by Tara Richter

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Seasons of Change

Nature has finally turned against man. Weather conditions are extreme and unbearable, forcing people everywhere to come to terms with their reckless disregard for the earth that we call home. That is until one courageous soul, Sarah Newman, begins a journey to change the fate of humankind and protect those that might otherwise perish from an upcoming apocalyptic freeze. How does an ordinary woman fare against the anger of nature and the force of the elements. Will she succeed where others have tried and failed? There’s only one way to find out.

Our newest publication! A collaboration between two authors; by Sim Johnson & Maurice Jovan Billington.

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Creating Wealth, Investing Over a Lifetime: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE STOCK MARKET

This book is for young adults and older adults who have never had exposure to the stock market. The authors goal is to educate readers about the huge potential for accumulating a large amount of money in the stock market over time.

What you can learn withing these pages are:
1) Stock market jargon
2) Different ways to assess a stock’s value
3) Doing discounted cash flow analysis
4) How to construct a stock portfolio
5) Develop an investment plan
6) Assemble a team of advisors to help you achieve financial security
7) Clarifying your stock analysis through communicating with other investors
8) Avoiding hazards to wealth creation

This is a study book and not a casual read. Lifestyle, mindset, and temperament are most important. Always live within your means and save some of your earnings for investment. Search for great businesses with healthy growth and try to buy pieces of these businesses at prices lower than their value. Then patiently hold them long enough to realize profit.

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Mystery of the Vamours: New Beginnings by Mercedes Hubert

Mystery of the Vamours: New Beginnings

Our newest publication! Strange things have always happened around Anya Marie Harris — wind gusts that come from nowhere, bullies getting hurt even though she never touches them—but she can never explain these mysteries. Until, on her sixteenth birthday she and her adopted mom decide to look for her birth parents. Nothing can prepare her for the truth of who her family is, or the world she is about to be thrust into — a world of magic, mystical creatures, and demon werewolves. Can she learn to harness her gifts in time to protect herself from the monsters that have hunted her family her whole life? Can she accept who she was meant to be before her family pays the price? This coming-of-age story will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, as Anya is thrust into a world of danger, betrayal and monsters. Get the book on Amazon!

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Top 5 Books of 2021!

Happy New Year! Top five books from 2021 are in! A big congratulations to our top five selling authors in Richter Publishing for 2021. 🙂 They are listed in order from most sales.

#1 Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir by George L. Trowbridge

#2 No Time to Care: A Leadership Game Plan to Ensure Caregiver Engagement by Charles Kunkle

#3 Culture in 4D: The Blueprint for a Culture of Engagement, Ownership, and Bottom-Line Performance by Tony Moore

#4 Modern IV Wellness by Dr. Uhuru Smith MD & Dr. Tracy Edward Smith PhD

5 Riley and Milo: A Puppy’s Story of Coping With Grief and Loss by Cassie D’Addeo

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