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Richter Publishing’s Latest Release, Striking Eight Bells by George Trowbridge! A Vietnam Memoir – Must Read!

Richter Publishing is excited to announce one of our newest releases, Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir, by George Trowbridge. 

Eight Bells_Book Cover KINDLE

In Striking Eight Bells, George Trowbridge recounts his journey from the Midwest to a warship in the Gulf of Tonkin during the closing months of the Vietnam War. Choosing to enlist in the Navy at 19, versus being drafted into the military, Trowbridge left a wife and newborn son in the States as he traversed the oceans of the globe to fight in America’s most unpopular war. George shares the details of the living conditions on board a naval destroyer during this era, what it was like going through training, the grind for his ship’s crew in supporting ground forces with naval gunfire, as well as the strike attacks his ship made on enemy coastal defenses, and finally coming home at the end of the war. This emotional story is not only historically focused, but it also is informative about life in the military, all filtered through the personal lens of a firsthand perspective.

To get your copy of Striking Eight Bells, click here!

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Check Out Richter Publishing’s Latest Release – Culture in 4D by Tony Moore

Richter Publishing is pleased to announce our latest release, Culture in 4D: The Blueprint for a Culture of Engagement, Ownership, and Bottom-Line Performance, by Tony Moore. 

Culture Architect Book Cover KINDLEMost leaders recognize the impact a culture of engagement and ownership has on their bottom-line performance; yet in most cases the creation of such a culture remains shrouded in mystery. In simple, easy to follow language, “Culture in 4D” pulls the curtain back on the mystery behind the design and development of a strong team culture. Combining research, real-life stories, and solutions born out of experience, the Culture Architect, Tony Moore, provides leaders with the blueprint for embedding values and setting expectations, resulting in clearly defined Rules of Engagement. Much like he does in his presentations, Tony transforms abstract concepts into concrete, tangible, actionable steps. “Culture in 4D” empowers readers to take control of the work experience by engaging employees in a process where they Dream, Design, Develop, and Defend the desired culture. The result of this process brings individual and collective ownership for both culture and business outcomes to the forefront, making the need to “hold the team accountable” a thing of the past.

To grab your copy on Amazon today, click here!

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Richter Publishing Author Feature – Leslie Melville

wilderness.jpgLeslie Melville Women in the workforce, environmental challenges to worker output, the purpose of the minimum wage, worker’s value add, globalization, buzz words of today utilized by Leslie Melville throughout his illustrious career as a Trade Unionist in his native Guyana as he worked tirelessly for the dignity and respect of the Guyanese worker from the early pre-independence, racially divided sixties to the even more racial divided Post-Republic eighties.

His book, “A Voice Crying in the Wilderness,” is a compilation of fifteen thought provoking articles delivered throughout his career on various topics relating the relationship among the worker, the Corporation and the Government. In this book, Mr. Melville describes his work as “A Voice Crying in the Wilderness”, for whereas his work was most often appreciated for its relevance and candor, far too often was it ignored. This book was unfortunately published after his passing in the same year that the people of Guyana worked tireless to create a grassroots campaign to end a twenty-three reign of the Government of one of the parties Mr. Melville rallied against in 2015.

“None can deny that in the context of the changing world environment conditioned by what is being acclaimed as the globalization of the Market Place, there is a tremendous need for a common understanding between capital and labor”.

Get your copy here!

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Richter Publishing Author Feature – Gary Hartfield

Blank white book w/pathAs the President and CEO of Serenity Village Inc, Serenity Village Insurance & Consulting and Sweet Talk Wireless, Gary Hartfield is passionate about bettering his community and sharing his experiences to inspire others. He began his career in higher education and then decided to pursue an MBA in business which he earned from the University of West Florida in 1999. He left his pursuit of a career in higher education to attend to his passion for business.

His novel, “Stand,” was published by Richter Publishing in October of 2015.

Here is an excerpt by Gary Hartfield: My “Journey to Success” required me to travel through the 3 “zones” of life. This journey draws many parallels to the Israelites in Egypt. The journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land paints a powerful perspective of three distinct zones people live in regarding God’s abundance. In one way or another, you are living in one of the three zones today: Egypt – The zone of “Never Enough”, Wilderness – The zone of “Barely Enough”, Canaan – The zone of “More Than Enough.”

Get your copy of Stand today here!

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Author Spotlight – Genevieve Olivia Dobson

This week’s author spotlight is on one of authors, Genevieve Olivia Dobson. Genevieve’s novel, “Failing Successfully, Life After Debt,” was published in 2014, she is the owner of Degrees of Success which was named the Best of Tampa for Debt Management in 2013. Genevieve assists those in debt to reduce their monthly payments and alleviate the stress that the burden of debt can cause.

Blank white book w/pathMore about “Failing Successfully, Life After Debt”—

As we go through life we experience many ups and downs. Some things bring us great joy while other things bring us heartache and pain. In this book I discuss my journey through life and the many mistakes I made and tell how those mistakes made me who I am. Sometimes what we see as failure isn’t really failure at all. Sometimes we just have to change our view in order to change our lives. This is also the case for the millions of graduates who have student loan debt and continue to struggle. Through my many years of experience I have learned that there is Life after Debt and we can learn good habits with help. I provide tools on how to successfully manage debt and finally have the ability to live again proud of accomplishing the great task of graduating college rather than being ashamed by the burden of debt that has been accumulated. There are debt options available and in this book I provide the guide to the many answers that borrowers seek. My struggles and persistence have allowed me to open a debt management company that helps those who never knew there were other options. I firmly believe success comes to those who are willing to fail and instead of giving up they push harder to succeed.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there as long as you are walking in the right direction. Sometimes fear will slow us down but we can’t let it stop us.”-Gen Dobson

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Author Feature – Dr. Stacey J. Robinson

Blank white book w/pathThis week’s author feature is Stacey Robinson, M.D.. Dr. Robinson is one of the leading experts in Functional Medicine, inspiring and empowering others to achieve their best health possible. Board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine, she graduated with honors from Tulane University and served as an officer in the United States Air Force. She is founder and CEO of Robinson MD in St Petersburg, Florida where she lives with her husband and 2 children.

Her book, Road Map to Health, is a fabulous book that gives you 7 steps to alter your destination. it will give you the tools to empower you to make simple, daily changes to reach optimal health and resources to easily incorporate these changes into your busy life.

Grab your copy on Amazon today by clicking here!

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Featured Author – Art Koch

Every week we will be showcasing one of our published authors. This week we are starting with Art Koch and his title, “When Swing Was King!” Check out this write-up of Art’s novel, you can get your own copy here.




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