Richter Publishing Author Feature – Gary Hartfield

Blank white book w/pathAs the President and CEO of Serenity Village Inc, Serenity Village Insurance & Consulting and Sweet Talk Wireless, Gary Hartfield is passionate about bettering his community and sharing his experiences to inspire others. He began his career in higher education and then decided to pursue an MBA in business which he earned from the University of West Florida in 1999. He left his pursuit of a career in higher education to attend to his passion for business.

His novel, “Stand,” was published by Richter Publishing in October of 2015.

Here is an excerpt by Gary Hartfield: My “Journey to Success” required me to travel through the 3 “zones” of life. This journey draws many parallels to the Israelites in Egypt. The journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land paints a powerful perspective of three distinct zones people live in regarding God’s abundance. In one way or another, you are living in one of the three zones today: Egypt – The zone of “Never Enough”, Wilderness – The zone of “Barely Enough”, Canaan – The zone of “More Than Enough.”

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