Check Out Richter Publishing’s Latest Release – Culture in 4D by Tony Moore

Richter Publishing is pleased to announce our latest release, Culture in 4D: The Blueprint for a Culture of Engagement, Ownership, and Bottom-Line Performance, by Tony Moore. 

Culture Architect Book Cover KINDLEMost leaders recognize the impact a culture of engagement and ownership has on their bottom-line performance; yet in most cases the creation of such a culture remains shrouded in mystery. In simple, easy to follow language, “Culture in 4D” pulls the curtain back on the mystery behind the design and development of a strong team culture. Combining research, real-life stories, and solutions born out of experience, the Culture Architect, Tony Moore, provides leaders with the blueprint for embedding values and setting expectations, resulting in clearly defined Rules of Engagement. Much like he does in his presentations, Tony transforms abstract concepts into concrete, tangible, actionable steps. “Culture in 4D” empowers readers to take control of the work experience by engaging employees in a process where they Dream, Design, Develop, and Defend the desired culture. The result of this process brings individual and collective ownership for both culture and business outcomes to the forefront, making the need to “hold the team accountable” a thing of the past.

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