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Podcast with Richter Publishing’s Author, M. Rene Harris, on the REQB Radio Show!


Author M. Rene Harris and Tara Richter discuss Harris’ book, “Flies in My Coffee” on the REQB Radio Show! Get a copy of the Best Selling Book & Most Inspiring Story Award Winner book on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/Flies-My-Coffee-Rene-Harris/dp/1945812028/

If you could only fit what you need into three boxes to start your life over, what would you take? That’s what Rene Harris was faced with when she decided to pack up what she could for herself and four children to leave a toxic situation. You never know what you’re capable of surviving until you are faced with it. Fight or flight. What would you do?

To become a published author contact Richter Publishing: https://richterpublishing.com/

Special thanks to Brandon & iHeart Radio: http://realestateradiotampa.com/

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Questions about Ghost Writing and Book Distribution? Tara Richter Answers them all on the REQB Show!

If you have been wondering how ghost writing works, or the ins and outs of book distribution, you’ve found the perfect podcast!

Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing, discusses ghost writing and book distribution. For more information go to http://www.RichterPublishing.com. Special guest on The Real Estate Quarterback Show hosted by Brandon Rimes.


If you are an aspiring author, in the middle or finished with your manuscript and are looking for guidance anywhere in the writing or publishing process – Richter Publishing is only a call away. Send in your inquiry here!

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The Worst Person to Shop For – Covered!

Do you have a picky person that never likes anything you buy? Give them the gift of books this season. We have packaged sets for all types!

Plus, get a FREE copy of our magazine, “Entrepreneur 2 Author” featuring Kevin Harrington, when you purchase one of our book packages below. Beat the holiday crowds with quick shipping to your front door! (While supplies last.)


25% OFF Books for the Holidays! 

This holiday season give your loved ones something they can use for a lifetime. The gift of valuable information within books! We have package discounts for the perfect present. There’s a genre to fit any picky person. 

For the Single Person:

Books for Singles

10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle $20
10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle $20
5 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart $20
Chasing Rainbows $20
Get all four for only $60! 

For the Fitness Guru/ Health Nut:

Health Pack

The 3 Pillars of Strength $23
Over 40 & Sexy as Hell! (FULL COLOR) $35
Road Map to Health $18
Modern IV Wellness $10
Get all four for only $65!

For the Strong & Courageous Woman:

Strong Woman

Finding My Way Back $20
The Little Amazonian $20
Flies in My Coffee $20
Sink or Swim $15
Get all four for only $60!

For the Busy Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur Books

From the Farm to the Boardroom: Leadership Lessons $15
How to Catch a Shark $20
Become the MVP of Your Industry by Surfing the Radio Waves $20
Nothing Happens Until the Meeting Is Set $25
Get all four for only $70! 

For the History Buff:

History Pack
When Swing Was King! History of Swing Bands $15
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: Economic History of Guyana $25
Get both for only $30!

For the Spiritual Person:

Spiritual Books

Living Wisdom: Principals for a Life Well Lived $20
Stand: One Man’s Spiritual Journey $15
Get both for only $25!

For the Teacher/ Professor:

Books for Teachers

From Stand-up Comedian to Stand-up Teacher $20
Learning Curve $22
Rock the Crowd: How The Cool Teachers Inspire More Students, Earn More Respect, and Become Lifelong Mentors $25
Get all three for only $50!

For the Aspiring Writer/ Blogger:

Writing Books

How to Write a Book in 4 Weeks $15
Blog Your Book into Existence $15
Launch Your Book into the Stratosphere & Be a Best Seller! $15
Get all three for only $30!

For Caregivers & Survivors


No Time to Care: A Leadership Game Plan to Ensure
Caregiver Engagement $20
Take a Breath: A Transplant Journey $13
Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks $25
Get all three for only $45!

Amazon Best Sellers! 

Amazon Best Sellers

Plaintiff 101: The Black Book of Inside Information Your Lawyer Will Want You to Know – #1 Amazon Best Seller & #1 HOT NEW Release! $25

The Book on Retirement: Are You Ready for the Second-Half of Your Financial Life? #3 HOT NEW Release & Best Seller $20

Take a Breath: A Transplant Journey – #1 Amazon Best Seller & #1 HOT NEW Release $13

How to Catch a Shark – #1 International Amazon Best Seller! $20
Get all four for only $65!

To set up a free 30 min phone consultation to see how you can become a published author, go here! 

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Snag the LAST TABLE for the Author Event of the year!

tampa-bay-book-gala-2016 3

Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant
4110 West Boy Scout Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33607

ticket 4

This event features published authors from the Tampa Bay area who are making a difference in the community with their books. The night will be filled with music, drinks, food, prize raffles, award ceremony and an opportunity to speak with each author personally and purchase their works.
Featured Authors:

  1. Mike Rivera & Craig Sidorowicz, “From Stand-Up Comedian to Stand-Up Teacher”
  2. Rev. Chad C. Fernald,  “Living Wisdom: Principles for a Life Well Lived”
  3. Art Koch, ” When Swing Was King!”
  4. Rita Lowman, “From the Farm to the Boardroom: Leadership Lessons”
  5. Karen Kelly, M.D., “Take a Breath”
  6. Brandon Rimes & Connor Anthony, “Become the MVP in Your Industry by Surfing the Radio Waves”
  7. Sven Boermeester, “Best of Tampa Bay”
  8. Melissa Tuttle Twomey, “Goodnight Tampa”
  9. John Mckee, “Nothing Happens Until the Meeting is Set”
  10. Karen Mertes, Lt Col (Ret), United States Air Force, “Plaintiff 101” Audiobook 
  11. Debbie Killebrew, “Finding My Way Back”
  12. Melissa Sweeny, D.B.A., “Love from Luke: Lessons Learned from a Rescued Dog”
  13. M. Rene Harris, “Flies in My Coffee”
  • 5:30 Event Starts – Bridgette Simmonds “The Go Coach!”
  • 6:30 Short Speech by Tara, President of Richter Publishing
  • 6:35-6:45 Comedian Appearance by Mike Rivera
  • 7:45 Awards Announced
  • 8:15 Raffle
  • 8:30 Party Ends
Attire: Business / cocktail attire


Awards Invite copy BOOKS
Ticket price includes: Entrance to the event, bottomless wine & endless appetizers!  Early bird tickets will end one week prior to the event date. Regular ticket prices will be sold the last week. Day of the event ticket sales will at the door with cash or credit card.

Sponsorship Spots: We have packages available to you at all different price ranges. Check out our rate card here or call for details at 727-940-7647. RICHTER Publishing-RateCard
Check out the video of last year’s event below!

Click Here!

Don’t forget to schedule your FREE 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your book by going here: Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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Tara Richter on “A Taste of Ink LIVE” Sept. 23rd at 9:00 PM EST

Meet Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC. She specializes in helping business owners learn how to write their non-fiction story in 4 weeks and publish their books in order to become an expert in their industry. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, Daytime TV, FOX, SSN, Channel 10 News, USA TODAY, Beverly Hills Times, and radio stations all over the world!

A Taste of Ink

Join the conversation with host Celeste S. Duckworth and featured guest Tara Richter. Richter Publishing has streamlined the complex writing and publishing industry so anyone can become a published author in just a few weeks!

Want to know more about publishing your book? Or how Richter Publishing can help you publish your books? Don’t Miss It!
Dial In/SKYPE In at 1.646.564.9897 to listen, comment, or ask questions!

9:00PM EST – 8:00PM Central – 6:00PM Mountain/Pacific

Join Chat at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikalliveradio/2015/09/24/a-taste-of-ink-live-featuring-tara-richter-president-of-richter-publishing

This program is sponsored by Alka Logic Water “Water That Makes Sense”. Contact Fee King at 1.844.344.2552 for more information. Get a 10% discount when you mention VERTIKAL10 or visit their site at www.alkalogic.com.

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