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Flashback Friday Workshop

For this Flashback Friday, Richter Publishing is sharing the Triumph Business Communications workshop from 2015. Part 1 covers the fundamentals of public relations, search engine optimization and what reporters want. How do you become newsworthy? James Chittenden shows you how! To get started on your book, getting published and launching your book – Richter Publishing is ready and willing to help. Schedule your appointment for your FREE 30 minute phone consultation here! For more information on Triumph Business Communications click here.

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Richter Publishing Testimonial

Richter  Publishing isn’t your average publishing house – Here at Richter Publishing we are your one – stop – shop to help you write, publish and market your non-fiction book! From start to finish we help our authors through the process to not only create what they’ve envisioned to leave their legacy – but also ensure it’s a success with book launches and marketing on all social networks. Today we’re sharing a testimonial from one of our authors, Gary Hartfield, on his experience with Richter Publishing!

“Tara’s awesome and professional. She’s always great with follow up. The work she supported me with was social media consulting, as well as publishing. Social media with our Facebook, with Twitter, with LinkedIn. I love working with Tara.”
-Gary Hartfield, Author of “Stand

Hartfield is the president and CEO of Serenity Village Inc, Serenity Village Insurance & Consulting, and Sweet Talk Wireless.

To subscribe to Richter Publishing’s Youtube Channel click here!

To schedule your appointment to leave your legacy and become a bestseller click here!

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A Taste of a Richter Publishing Book Launch

Whether you’re a writer who has completed, tripled check and are ready to have their book published – or a soon to be writer ready to leave their legacy – Richter Publishing has seen and done it all and is ready to help you make your dreams come true! From ghostwriting to editing to getting your book published and launched we’re ready and willing for it all. Guiding our writers through and setting them up for success. Here is a peek at what one of Richter Publishing’s book launch parties look like! Let us help you leave your legacy! We offer FREE 30 minute phone consultations! Click here to schedule your appointment!


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Questions To Ask An Editor Before Hiring

Okay, so you’re in the final stages of getting your book ready to be published… but first, you have to edit the hundreds of pages that you’ve already self-edited and read a million times. It’s time for a new set of eyes! Before you hire just anyone, I have some tips you should consider while finding the perfect candidate to handle your baby. Because, after all, your manuscript is like your newborn—still fresh and in need of some molding in order for it to succeed in the world. Here are 7 tips, from my book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks,” that can guide you through this hire.


1.Vision – After discussing your book, what is their vision of it? Where do they think it should go? Do you both agree on the outcome?

2. Experience – What kind of books have they edited?

3. Education – What is their college degree in? They should be at least studying English, Journalism, or Creative Writing.

3. Software – You need to make sure you bother have the same systems. Otherwise passing documents back and forth will be a nightmare.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreement – Ask them if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they will not distribute or use any ideas, concepts, and so forth from your writings. If they will not sign one, find a new editor.

Job applicants having interview

Job applicants having interview

6. Time Frame – Ensure their schedule alines with when you want the book finished.

7. Age and Gender – This can be a factor. For my Dating Series, a sixty-five year old lady is going to have different opinions on dating versus a twenty-one year old woman. Having an editor that’s your target reader audience is good. Not necessary, but a plus.

For the rest of the tips and more in-depth explanations of these questions – get your copy of “Write a  Book in 4 Weeks” here!

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Self-Editing Tip

In my book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks,” I have put together tips on how to write in your own words, how to get organized, the sections of your book, editing, how to track changes and even how to become an expert by publishing.

Today I’m going to share an excerpt from, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks,” on how to self-edit and what to expect during the process.


“Incorporate self-editing. Go through the edits, and either accept or reject them. Be prepared to read your book ten times before it’s published. By the time I print my books I’m so sick of reading them I never want to look at them again. But that’s the process.

“Read you book backwards. Mistakes will pop out at you because your brain is tricked into seeing the words differently. When you read from beginning to end, you know the story. Your brain skims over the paragraphs. “Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this a million times before!” But if you start at the end, your brain will work harder to understand it.

For all questions and inquiries click here!


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Let Us Help With Your Manuscript!


Richter Publishing wants to know how we can help you take your manuscript to the next level and get you published! If you have already written a manuscript, please fill out this form so we can get to know more about you and your book! We do not work with literary agents. Authors are our number one priority and we work directly with you. If your book fits into our scope of work, you will be contacted to submit your manuscript for review. This form covers the purpose of your book, the services you’re interested in and your budget.

Richter Publishing has streamlined the complex writing and publishing industry so anyone can become a published author in just a few weeks! We specialize in helping business owners how to write their non-fiction story in 4 weeks & publish a book in order to become an expert in their industry. Tara Richter has written and published 10 of her own books in just a few short years. Tara now has published many other authors in her local Tampa bay area including Anthony Amos & celebrity entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington, Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” with their joint book, “How to Catch a Shark.”

Leave your legacy – Start today!

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Leave Your Legacy Podcast

Tara Richter

President of Richter Publishing, Tara Richter, was on iHeart Radio with Brandon Rimes on The Real Estate Quarterback Show talking about miracles, some of our best sellers and how YOU can leave YOUR legacy.

Tara made it into the studio, neck brace and all to make sure her authors have their face time and that potential authors know they have an  outlet to have their voice heard. You can hear the entire podcast here!

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Tara Richter on 102.5 the Bone this Sunday at 7AM!

Richter Publishing will be on the Consumer Quarterback Radio show that is airing this Sunday, May 29th, at 7am EST on 102.5FM The Bone!

Tara Richter iHeart radioTara Richter discusses why now is the time to write and publish your book in order to leave YOUR legacy.

To see if your manuscript qualifies to be published, fill out our  inquiry survey here.

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“Write a Book in 4 Weeks” now available on Kindle!

Write a Book in 4 WeeksWhenever I tell people I can help them write a book in four weeks, I always get a look of confusion and dismay. “That can’t be done! Books take years and years of methodical research and time consuming edits!”

Well the fact is, YES it can be done.

We now live in an age of instant gratification and the old ways of writing a book on a typewriter have long passed. I have helped many authors write and publish their stories in just a few short weeks. The process is truly amazing. The first part is getting over that mental hurdle in your mind that you must work on a novel for ten some years. I think that’s a big hurdle for people to overcome. Once you have opened your mind to the process and changed your attitude towards writing and publishing, you will embrace the wonderful new age of quick results. The methods that I am sharing with you in this guide  are the same principals I give workshops on and teach my authors. Once you take the great feat of writing a book and breaking it down into small simple steps, anything is possible.

When people set forth to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, they do not do it in one big leap, but by putting one foot in front of the other. Most people think writing a book is a huge mountain to overcome, yet they are looking at the top from the bottom. They don’t see the small, little steps in front of them that they must begin with. I have broken down the complex writing process into an easy to follow streamlined process for anyone to write a book in four weeks. It just takes discipline to stay on track. You can’t hike half-way up the mountain and then decide it’s too much work. Just consistently take the small steps each day and soon you will be on your way to becoming a published author!

Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC

Download it on Kindle today! 

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Write a Non-Fiction Book in 4 Weeks WEBINAR

Attend this 2 hour ONLINE workshop and learn how to write a non-fiction book in 4 weeks and leverage it to make you an expert in your industry! 9-10-14 2PM EST.

What we will cover:

  1. The secret recipe to write a book in 4 weeks
  2. A writing challenge calendar to keep you on track with your goal
  3. A 5 page outline so you know all the components that go into a book
  4. Industry standard book examples for you to look, flip through & get ideas for your book
  5. How to come up with a compelling title
  6. What should go on a cover of a book
  7. How to acquire an editor
  8. How to leverage the book to get you TV, radio interviews
  9. Why publishing a book makes you an expert in your industry
  10. FREE tools to assist you during your writing journey!

Get Your Tickets Here

This workshop is for any new aspiring authors. Anyone who ever wanted to write a book & didn’t know where to start, or has been writing and is stuck in the process and doesn’t know where to go.

This class will be held online through Join.me website. We will email you the private link to join the meeting 15 minutes prior to start time to the email you sign up with here. If for some reason you do not receive the link, please contact us at richterpublishing@icloud.com.

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