Write a Non-Fiction Book in 4 Weeks WEBINAR

Attend this 2 hour ONLINE workshop and learn how to write a non-fiction book in 4 weeks and leverage it to make you an expert in your industry! 9-10-14 2PM EST.

What we will cover:

  1. The secret recipe to write a book in 4 weeks
  2. A writing challenge calendar to keep you on track with your goal
  3. A 5 page outline so you know all the components that go into a book
  4. Industry standard book examples for you to look, flip through & get ideas for your book
  5. How to come up with a compelling title
  6. What should go on a cover of a book
  7. How to acquire an editor
  8. How to leverage the book to get you TV, radio interviews
  9. Why publishing a book makes you an expert in your industry
  10. FREE tools to assist you during your writing journey!

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This workshop is for any new aspiring authors. Anyone who ever wanted to write a book & didn’t know where to start, or has been writing and is stuck in the process and doesn’t know where to go.

This class will be held online through Join.me website. We will email you the private link to join the meeting 15 minutes prior to start time to the email you sign up with here. If for some reason you do not receive the link, please contact us at richterpublishing@icloud.com.

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