“Write a Book in 4 Weeks” now available on Kindle!

Write a Book in 4 WeeksWhenever I tell people I can help them write a book in four weeks, I always get a look of confusion and dismay. “That can’t be done! Books take years and years of methodical research and time consuming edits!”

Well the fact is, YES it can be done.

We now live in an age of instant gratification and the old ways of writing a book on a typewriter have long passed. I have helped many authors write and publish their stories in just a few short weeks. The process is truly amazing. The first part is getting over that mental hurdle in your mind that you must work on a novel for ten some years. I think that’s a big hurdle for people to overcome. Once you have opened your mind to the process and changed your attitude towards writing and publishing, you will embrace the wonderful new age of quick results. The methods that I am sharing with you in this guide  are the same principals I give workshops on and teach my authors. Once you take the great feat of writing a book and breaking it down into small simple steps, anything is possible.

When people set forth to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, they do not do it in one big leap, but by putting one foot in front of the other. Most people think writing a book is a huge mountain to overcome, yet they are looking at the top from the bottom. They don’t see the small, little steps in front of them that they must begin with. I have broken down the complex writing process into an easy to follow streamlined process for anyone to write a book in four weeks. It just takes discipline to stay on track. You can’t hike half-way up the mountain and then decide it’s too much work. Just consistently take the small steps each day and soon you will be on your way to becoming a published author!

Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC

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