Questions To Ask An Editor Before Hiring

Okay, so you’re in the final stages of getting your book ready to be published… but first, you have to edit the hundreds of pages that you’ve already self-edited and read a million times. It’s time for a new set of eyes! Before you hire just anyone, I have some tips you should consider while finding the perfect candidate to handle your baby. Because, after all, your manuscript is like your newborn—still fresh and in need of some molding in order for it to succeed in the world. Here are 7 tips, from my book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks,” that can guide you through this hire.


1.Vision – After discussing your book, what is their vision of it? Where do they think it should go? Do you both agree on the outcome?

2. Experience – What kind of books have they edited?

3. Education – What is their college degree in? They should be at least studying English, Journalism, or Creative Writing.

3. Software – You need to make sure you bother have the same systems. Otherwise passing documents back and forth will be a nightmare.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreement – Ask them if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they will not distribute or use any ideas, concepts, and so forth from your writings. If they will not sign one, find a new editor.

Job applicants having interview

Job applicants having interview

6. Time Frame – Ensure their schedule alines with when you want the book finished.

7. Age and Gender – This can be a factor. For my Dating Series, a sixty-five year old lady is going to have different opinions on dating versus a twenty-one year old woman. Having an editor that’s your target reader audience is good. Not necessary, but a plus.

For the rest of the tips and more in-depth explanations of these questions – get your copy of “Write a  Book in 4 Weeks” here!

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