On Lock Down? Use This Time To Write Your Book!

Does the coronavirus got you locked up in your house? Meetings and conferences cancelled? This a great time to utilize and write your book! The most used excuse from aspiring authors is that they have no time to write. Well, that is no longer an excuse! Use this unique time to your benefit. Turn off the tv, switch the wifi OFF on your laptop and open up a Word Document instead. The best times spent on writing is without any distractions. You have already quarantined yourself, why waste it binging on Netflix wasting brain cells.

Did you know that the average person can write 800 words in an hour? If you have better typing skills it might be even more. So if instead of binging Netflix, or what I like to do is put on some soothing nature videos like fish in the ocean, and then type 800 words in just 3 hours you would have 2,400 words!

A 5×8 100 page book is only 20,000 words. So in just 9 hours you could have your rough draft complete! How many Netflix movies is that?  4.5 movies if they are 2 hours long. How many hours do you watch Netflix or Amazon or Hulu EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?! Those hours could be used doing something for your future, to better your life. If you really focused and wrote 5 hours a day, in less than a week you could have a rough draft. Within 2 weeks a draft of 40,000 words. Everyone is so upset about things getting canceled, and I know it’s sad, however use this opportunity! I see it as a blessing in disguise.

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