Writing Tip — Writing Your Own Words

Life is hectic, and sometimes it seems like a better idea to go the ghostwriter route. I do not agree with someone else writing your words for you. Try to avoid this at all costs, but utilize a strong, connected ghostwriter if necessary—because these are you stories. This is your pain or happiness. No one can fully understand what you have gone through in life, so they cannot accurately express it on paper. Only you can.

I had a ghost writer offer to write my first book, “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle.” However, she wanted to make it fiction, and I didn’t want to take it in that direction. The book was a set of rules I made for myself after enduring a divorce, losing my stepson, and enduring an entire lifetime of toxic, unhealthy relationships. She had no idea the pain and agony I went through with a controlling and verbally abusive husband. Only I know what it felt like. So in order to tell my story, to connect and resonate with the reader, my words had to come from me.

You might be afraid to put your story out there, and I do admit it’s a grueling process. There is no short cut to get it done, but I can provide little tricks that will make it easier.

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