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A Writer’s New Year’s Resolution!


As we kick off the new year it is important – especially as a writer – to hold yourself accountable for starting or finishing your book! Life never stops, especially when you have the desire to write a book. Don’t make it up as impossible if your life is chaotic— IT CAN BE DONE! An industry standard 5 x 8,100 page book is approximately 20,000 words. That’s 20,000 words you would need to write in a four week period. Without structure, those words will loom over you! 20,000?! How can I write 20,000 in four weeks?! Tara Richter has come up with books full of tips for first time book writers and today we are going to share three of them from her book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks.”

Wanting to write your own book? Have a manuscript ready but don’t have a publisher you can rely on? Have a story to tell but don’t exactly have the time to write it?

Here at Richter Publishing we can write, edit, publish and market your book in paperback, digital and audio format! You choose which services are right for you. We can design a custom package to suit your individual needs. We also will finance your choice over a period of 12 months through auto payments, making it easy for anyone to become a published author!

To speak to a representative, just set up an appointment by clicking here and start your writing journey today!


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