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Putting Pen to Paper

Last week Tara Richter was interviewed on Daytime TV! Tara shares how you can write your first book in just 4 weeks by “creating in chaos.” You can get your copy of “Write a Book in 4 Weeks” with all tips and checklists to help you become a bestseller here!


5 Tips to Get Started Writing:

1)    Utilize spare time. Waiting in the airport or delayed flights, jot down ideas. On the airplane use iPhone or iPad & blue tooth keyboard to type out your thoughts on the notepad app. It’s easier than using your laptop because it takes up less space.

2)    Carry an idea pad. When creativity hits hone in on it & jot them down as soon as they come into mind. You never know when a new idea will pop in. Write it down ASAP, don’t forget them!

3)    Start a blog. With your new ideas start a blog & write in the blog 2-3 days a week. After a few months you’ll have enough info to flesh out a rough draft. It’s also a good way to get SEO and start promoting the book with short teasers and by pre-selling with PayPal buttons.

4)    Write the first hour of every day. Sit down every morning and write for at least one hour. If you get it done first thing in the morning you won’t let daily activities get in the way or procrastinate. And if you write 715 words a day for 28 days you have 20,020 words which is a 100 page 5×8 book. How you can write a book in 4 weeks!

5)    Read more. Read more to get your ideas flowing. Anytime I have a creative block I buy a book about overcoming blocks and read it. Or read something similar to the topic you’re writing about.


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