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Give Yourself THE BEST Gift this Holiday Season – A Published Book!

Give yourself the gift you’ve been wanting, you no longer have to wait! Let Richter Publishing help you become an Amazon Best Seller!


Here at Richter Publishing we can write, edit, publish and market your book in paperback, digital and audio format! You choose which services are right for you. We can design a custom package to suit your individual needs. We also will finance your choice over a period of 12 months through auto payments, making it easy for anyone to become a published author!

To speak to a representative, just set up an appointment by clicking below and start your writing journey today!


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Richter Publishing’s Spotlight – “Dancing with Your Story from the Inside Out” by Arielle Giordano

Richter Publishing’s weekly spotlight is on our latest release – “Dancing with Your Story from the Inside Out” by Arielle Giordano!

dancingA journey of transformation and being your authentic self through stories, dance, and writing. 
Within every person lies their own life story, with their own unique interpretation of past and present events. Overtime we add meaning to these events and create our own stories. Eventually our interpretations become perceptions that prescribe our outlook on life.
But sometimes, as humans, we can make-believe or misinterpret certain events or situations and become the captive of our own misguided perceptions, as our real identities remain trapped inside us.
Arielle Giordano empowers you to Dance Your Story from the Inside Out by freeing yourself through dance so that you may finally release your authentic truth and break the shackles of silence with your body’s natural rhythms. At the end of each chapter, Giordano offers personal journaling and conscious reflection in conjunction with free-spirited dance. Giordano prescribes a practical means to self-discovery through fun and creative expressions.Together, the journaling, reflection, and dance assignments help unlock our stories and set our true selves free.

Get your copy of “Dancing with Your Story from Inside Out” today! Click here!

Join us this Sunday, May 7th 2017, at the Oxford Exchange 420 W. Kennedy Blvd Tampa FL 33606 for a book fair and to get a copy of Arielle’s new book. Details here:  https://oxfordexchange.com/pages/oe-book-fair 

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‘How to Catch a Shark’ is Available Today!

Today is the day to swim in the waters with sharks! Click Here to get your copy of “How to Catch a Shark” right now! Who needs to go on Shark Tank when you can get this book instead??

Grab this educational book that is a real life example of how to catch the ultimate Shark in your industry and catapult your business to incredible heights. “How to Catch a Shark” is written by Anthony Amos and contributing author Kevin Harrington, original Shark from “Shark Tank.”

Help make “How to Catch a Shark” an Amazon Best Seller when you ORDER TODAY!!

Shark Tank


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