Living Wisdom

As we go into Easter weekend, on this Good Friday… remember “Living Wisdom: Principles for a Life Well Lived.” A book 📚 we published back in 2016 by Rev. Chad C. Fernald. So what is living wisdom? How does a person discover it? 😇💗

The Biblical books of wisdom contain a wealth of practical insight for the ordering of life based on sound principles which lead to healthy patterns for our personal lives, our homes and our communities. “Living Wisdom: Principles for a Life Well Lived,” provides a framework for balanced, principle based living by exploring key areas of life in which God’s Living Wisdom may be readily applied. Living Wisdom invites the reader to be challenged and changed by the straightforward teaching of Biblical Wisdom and confronts all with the call to be wise! Get your copy on Amazon, B&N, BAM! Everywhere books are sold.

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