Richter Publishing Title Spotlight, “How to Catch a Shark” by Anthony Amos & Kevin Harrington

sharkThis week, Richter Publishing’s title spotlight is on “How to Catch a Shark” by Anthony Amos & Kevin Harrington —

What is a shark in today’s business world? Sharks are tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons and they are always searching for the best businesses and products that America has to offer.

Anthony Amos describes the unique types of sharks, from the nocturnal Nurse shark who is known for being the silent partner; they may invest as part of a group and really only care about the return on their investment, to the Hammerhead shark, the most social of the sharks who enjoy swimming in large schools of other business experts and have no natural enemies. These and several more types of sharks can provide the funding and connections you may desperately need as an entrepreneur, but if you pick to hunt the wrong shark you may end up just chumming the waters.

Amos introduces how to never lose the millionaire mindset, even if your bank account may not reflect the same. Crediting a nice guy attitude, he shares how you may need to cut your losses when hunting for sharks, but that you need to do it nicely. How sometimes you can land the wrong shark, and what to do about it, and Anthony introduces his personal friend, business partner, and shark, Kevin Harrington.
“Nice guys are shark bait,” says Amos, and he describes his own personal stories and brushes with the wrong sharks including explaining why congruent values are critical, adding value to business is a priority, and creating a partnership that is fun and rewarding is your best chance for hunting sharks.

Using some history from our last decade of financial collapse, Amos explains how the me-first attitude in business was turned upside down and entrepreneurs realized their approach had to change. Increased collaboration with suppliers, taking on financial strategic partners and teaming with other companies who shared similar demographics, even taking the option of returning to the workforce while still stoking the embers of ambition on a part-time basis; all of these became critical for success in a new economy and marketplace.

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