Writer Meet-up Groups

writers-group1Every book needs an editor. You need a different pair of eyes reading your words. When you are the one writing, you are too involved in the process. You need another person looking at the content with a fresh mind to see if the story runs smoothly. Does it make sense or did you leave out gaps of information that confuses the reader? And, of course, spelling and grammar also need to be reviewed. But how do you do that without an intern – or a big budget? Have no fear! That’s why writer meet-ups were invented! And yes, they really exist.

The more eyes you have looking at your work the better. There are many writer meet-up groups. I’ve seen some in my local area where it’s just for people reviewing other people’s work. Usually, it’s free. Utilize all of your resources!

Join Richter Publishing’s Meet-up here!

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