How to Check Your Blog Stats

When you’re running a blog it is extremely important to check your stats weekly – even daily on popular blogs! Chapter 4 in “Blog Your Book into Existence” discusses how and why you should check your stats weekly. Today we are going to share a brief overview of the chapter and a quick how-to on checking your blog stats! Are you ready?

Let’s show you where you can find your stats:

  1. Log into you WordPress account
  2. Click “Stats” across the top of the screen
  3. Across the top you will have a blue bar graph showing the number of visits. They parse this out by how many people visited and how many posts they read.



Creating a global presence is so easy with a blog. My dating site receives hits from countries I never knew existed! You can learn a lot from your blog’s stats. If you are just starting out, it will take a while to see results, but don’t get frustrated. It does take time, but persistence is key here.

Awesome tip of the power of blogging: I posted an interview I did with actor Ethan Embry on my blog back in Nov 2013. Wikipedia has now linked to my blog as a point of reference for his entry. I’m right in-between People Magazine & TMZ! That’s the power of blogging and using the correct key terms for search engines. Check that out here!

Goodluck blogging!


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