New Amazon Warning System Starts Next Week!

A week from now, a new warning system will be in place on Amazon Kindle that can affect publishing your book.

richter_publishing_typoRight now Amazon is in the process of notifying anyone who’s published their books on Kindle of any content error that needs to be addressed before this new system takes place. If your eBook contains multiple spelling errors or has formatting issues, warning messages will be displayed that can actually prevent your book from being published.

This warning system will begin February 3, 2016. If your book contains just a few misspellings, a warning message will be displayed on the details page of your book, alerting all potential buyers of the existing error. If your book has formatting issues, rending it unreadable on Amazon, your book will be removed altogether! Click here to learn more about the new changes

Now’s the perfect time to reconsider your publishing options by getting someone to do the work for you, so you can prevent this type of hassle! Most people don’t want to be bothered with the tedious job of editing and formatting their books. As an author, you’re just ready to get your book into the hands of others!

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional to write/edit or format your book. You want to ensure that the final product of your work is nothing short of high quality, so you can make a good first impression as an author!

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