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Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD2021

Celebrate strong, independent women authors by getting a copy of their book. We have over 30 amazing women published in our house over the last 10 years. Find all of their books here on Amazon:

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Finding Love During a Pandemic

Author and Publisher, Tara Richter, discusses how you can still find the one even during a pandemic with the Tampa Bay Kiwanis Club! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are single it can be even harder trying to date during a pandemic. Social distancing and face coverings doesn’t really scream super sexy. However you can still find love. Watch the video to find out how.

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New Children’s Book: Riley and Milo

An essential tool for parents, educators and clinicians to help process loss with a young child.

Short Summary

Riley and Milo: A puppy’s story coping with grief and loss

Processing death with a child is not an easy task. In fact, many people find it overwhelming and do not know how to initiate the conversation with young children. Using books, or bibliotherapy, as a method of explaining loss and grief is an effective tool for complex conversations. The book Riley and Milo leads young readers through the stages of grief such as: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. As the puppy Riley is processing the death of her best friend Milo, she explains her feelings and the impact of Milo’s death on her life. This book was created to help naturalize the emotions and experiences of young readers who are coping with grief and loss.

Meet the Author

Cassie L. D’Addeo, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified School Counselor residing in Manatee County, Florida. When moving to Florida three years ago, Cassie opened Green Couch Counseling, LLC a private counseling practice servicing children, adolescents and adults. Cassie has a passion for helping people and dedicated her life work to assisting people through life’s most difficult challenges.

This book was created as a graduate school project while completing an internship with Broward County Public Schools. In January 2010 prior to graduation, the earthquake in Haiti occurred bringing hundreds of children from Haiti to the Fort Lauderdale area. Many young children were experiencing extreme loss and grief from the aftermath of the earthquake. Cassie used bibliotherapy as a means of communicating and processing grief with the children. At this time, the first draft of the manuscript was created. Cassie graduated Nova Southeastern University with a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and went on to provide clinical services in outpatient, residential, home-based, and in the school setting.

In May 2020, Cassie experienced her own loss, after tragically losing her canine companion, Riley. Riley was born in Wisconsin, May 2013, and started training to be a clinical therapy dog at eight weeks old. Within her first year of life, Riley completed her training, certification and her clinical internship with Youth and Family Counseling in Libertyville, Illinois. Riley served many years as Cassie’s co-therapist.  In the Fall of 2020, Cassie’s mom suggested that she finish the project she started 10 years ago in honor of her canine co-therapist, Riley. After revisions and name changes, the final manuscript was completed. Riley and Milo: A puppy’s story of coping with grief and loss is Cassie’s first children’s book publication. 

Pre-order the book on Indiegogo!

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The Best Books of 2020 with Bernie Sanders!

The results are in! We have our list of the best selling titles in Richter Publishing from 2020. Bernie was so nice to drop in to help us announce the awards. We tried to do it as fast as we could, since he was cold with the AC at the ceremony. Our top five books published from Richter Publishing are:

Number 1 Best Selling Book of 2020

No Time To Care: A Leadership Game Plan To Ensure Caregiver Engagement by Charles Kunkle!

Number 2 Best Selling Book of 2020

Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir by George Trowbridge!

Number 3 Best Selling Book of 2020

Culture in 4D: The Blueprint for a Culture of Engagement, Ownership, and Bottom-Line Performance by Tony Moore!

Number 4 Best Selling Book of 2020

Modern IV Wellness by  Dr. Uhuru Smith MD and Dr. Tracy Edward Smith PhD

Number 5 Best Selling Book of 2020

The Audacity of Resilience: A Refugee Memoir by Pitman Kennedy!

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William McKissock Interviews Tara Richter


In this interview they discuss how Tara started the publishing house, her connection to Shark Tank, a streamlined writing process and the new Amazon Best Seller, “How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse!” 

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What’s Your Story?

Have you always wanted to become a published author? Now is your time! Fill out our form so we can get to know more about you and your book by clicking below.

Contact Us »

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Happy New Year! Get Published in 2021.

2020 is finally over! 2021 will only get better and it can start with you becoming a published author. Submit your manuscript for a professional review from our staff. We will go over it with you during a 20 minute book discovery session to discuss what needs to be done in order to take it to the publishing level. Just click below to submit your manuscript. 
Book Discovery Session

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Author Bootcamp!

Give the gift that keeps giving this year! Our membership site has 10 years of information in the writing & publishing industry. Coaching videos to help you write your book. Templates for book covers & tips from the President of Richter Publishing. Sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/richterpublishing

What you get:

  • The Method to Write a Book in 4 Weeks!
  • Plot and character development worksheets
  • Classes to market your book
  • Templates for different book sizes for inside and covers
  • Help with writing fiction, non-fiction & children’s books
  • Behind the scenes of Richter Publishing and our authors
  • Access to patron-only Discord chat community
  • New content added monthly

Publish a Book, Leave Your Legacy! Richter Publishing has been helping aspiring authors to write, publish and market their own books for the last 10 years. Become a member of our Author Bootcamp! Get access to behind the scenes material of Richter Publishing and our authors. Writing classes to help you with your book. Monthly tips n’ tricks from the President, Tara Richter. See exclusive content to her private Vlog that is for members only. And much more. Sign up here and become a published author! https://www.patreon.com/richterpublishing

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Shop Local This Holiday Season!

This has been a tough year for everyone. Support your local authors by getting copies of their books for this holiday season. We have subjects for everyone on your list! From business topics to children’s books and everything in-between. Published in paperback, hardback, ebooks and even audio books. 

Find our entire list of published authors by clicking below:

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How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse #1 Hot New Release & Amazon Best Seller!

Our newest book hit Amazon Best Seller list & #1 Hot New Release in multiple categories over Halloween weekend. Thanks everyone! If you have not gotten your copy yet, get one here: https://www.amazon.com/How-Business-During…/dp/1954094019/

2020: the year of zombies, toilet paper shortages and murder hornets. Who would have thought we would live to see “The Walking Dead” come to life? Not me. We are living in a real life horror movie. And to top it off, some of us are trying to run a business during the most unprecedented times in our history. Where are our guidelines? Where is our leadership? Most of us are running around like chickens with our heads cut off because the sky really is falling. This book is full of real life tips on how we as entrepreneurs can keep our businesses afloat during a pandemic. 

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