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Celebrate National Single’s Week By Healing and Empowering Yourself!

Richter Publishing has some of the best reads for any stage that a single person could go through – healing, dating, online dating and hopeless romantic!

It is estimated that there are 82 million single and unmarried adults in the United States. National Singles Week is celebrated the third full week in September (Sunday through Saturday). This is your week to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E the lives and contributions of unmarried and single Americans! Grab a good read and enjoy your single life!

For the Single Person:

Books for Singles

10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle
10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle
5 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart
Chasing Rainbows

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Richter Publishing Publishes First Fiction Novel: “Chasing Rainbows”

Chasing Rainbows Book

“Chasing Rainbows: Parallel Shades of Normality” – Get it on Amazon Today!!

We are happy to announce that we’ve recently added our first fiction book to our list of published works, a novel about self-discovery and finding true love: “Chasing Rainbows: Parallel Shades of Normality.”

“Chasing Rainbows” unites the separate journeys of Allanah and Zéphirine, as they embark on a quest to find the men of their dreams. Their quest for finding true love takes them to the darkest parts of their minds and dredges up memories from the muddiest depths of their lonely souls. They live separate lives on two different continents, completely unaware of each other’s existence. However, their actions and romances alter the course of each other’s lives forever.

Prisqua Camiul, our first international author, has always longed to tell a story, and have her words heard and understood. Originally from France, now settled in Australia, she is embarking on a new journey in life: taking writing and communications classes, publishing her first women’s fiction novel, working on a sequel, and writing short stories.


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