Quarantined Writing Contest!

Get Your Book Published!

Richter Publishing is excited to announce it will hold a writing contest for aspiring authors during the 2020 lockdown. This is an incredible opportunity to utilize this time to do something productive. The competition is for anyone who wants to publish a book. You do not have to be a seasoned writer or a professional. It’s an open opportunity for everyone!

The winner of the contest will receive a FREE publishing contract! Yes, that’s right. If your manuscript is chosen, you will get your book published in paperback and digital formats on distribution channels all over the world! So do not miss this opportunity. Please see all the details below. If you have any questions in regard to the challenge, you can contact us here for questions.

Deadline to submit manuscripts is midnight EST May 1st 2020. Winner will be announced online May 15th 2020. We will do a FB live to announce and email the author.

Get free resources here to help you start. We wish you the best of luck!


  • All applicants must be mentally competent to sign a contract. Applicants under 18 must have a parent or guardian able to sign on their behalf.
  • Manuscripts must be written in English.
  • It does not have to be professionally edited. However, it might help your chances.
  • All manuscripts must be typed in a Word document. No paper submissions.
  • Applicants cannot be currently employed by Richter Publishing LLC or have worked there in the past 3 years.
  • Authors who are currently in a contract with Richter Publishing cannot submit for the title we are already working on. New titles are acceptable.
  • All content must be the original writing of the person submitting. You cannot submit on the behalf of someone else.
  • Manuscripts must be between 20,000 and 100,000 words.
  • Manuscripts must be a complete, comprehensive story from beginning to end. Please do not submit work that is only half finished. We need the entire story.
  • Scope of work can be: Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Memoir, History, Poetry or Fiction. Types of books we do not accept are: Children’s Books, Erotica or any slanderous types of stories. If you are not sure if your story would fit, please contact us here. 
  • Submissions must be entered on our website below. Please do not email submissions or mail them. Only online submissions will be accepted.
  • DEADLINE: All manuscripts must be entered by May 1st 2020 midnight. 

Submit your work: 

Click here to go to the following webpage to submit for the contest. The system will make you select an appointment time in order to submit your manuscript, but you can disregard that.


Previous Contest Winners: Alder Allensworth & Ruth Brunson!

Blank white book w/path


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New Office Policies March 19th, 2020

During these unique times we want to let you know that Richter Publishing is operating all things as normal. Thankfully our business model has always functioned online so our operations are not being affected at this time. Freelancers have always worked from home. Interns and admins are now doing their duties from home as well. We will still be editing and publishing books, however we are asking for authors to not visit the office in person. We are still taking on new authors but request that everyone speak to us over the phone or email. If you are a new author you can set up a 20 minute book discovery call on our website here: https://richterpublishing.com/contact-us/

We are also creating an online self publishing course that we hope to launch by the end of the month. It will be available at a deep discount for the first few months. Authors will be able to publish their books cost effectively within the comfort of their own home and hopefully create another stream of revenue with their new books in this difficult time. Thank you for taking your part in helping this crisis to be contained as quickly as possible.

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

St Patricks Day

Even though today doesn’t really feel like St. Patricks Day, we hope you enjoy drinking some green beer inside! While you stay safe during these unique times of 2020, why not use this downtime to write your book? Utilize our free resources to help you get started here: Free Resources. 

We are also working on a self-guided online course that you can use from the comfort of your home to walk you through the self-publishing process on Amazon. We hope to launch it by the end of March to assist with those staying indoors to still be able to publish their own books at a much lower cost. Be on the look out for it soon! Stay Safe 🙂



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Self-Care During an Outbreak

The nation’s newest New Normal is still taking shape, but the confusion and uncertainty over what lies ahead in efforts to contain the Coronavirus is escalating anxiety levels in ways that are unprecedented. 

To help combat anxiety and depression around the crisis, self-care is going to be critical. This includes deep breathing, healthy eating and exercise, and most importantly – a POSTIVE MINDSET. However, none of this will be easy during a pandemic.

Dr. Rana Al-Falaki can use her background in both traditional healthcare and coaching to provide insight on ways to think more positively and tips to make sure your mind and body are functioning properly during this time of angst. 

  • How can anxiety and stress lower your immune defenses?
  • How can you remain positive about your finances and business?
  • What are some things you can do when you feel anxiety setting in? 
  • What are some ways to distract your brain? 

Dr. Rana Al-Falaki, MCD, CPC, ELI-MP, is a proactive author and business owner with a practical approach to everything. Her passion is to help people find simple solutions for complex problems. In addition to being a professional life and business mastery coach, a core-energy™ coach and energy leadership index master practitioner, and a periodontist, she is also the founder of Light Changes Coaching.

For more information on Dr. Rana: www.lightchangescoaching.com/about-rana

For a quick preview of “Women Who Want More:” www.youtube.com/book/preview

To preview and purchase “Women Who Want More:” www.amazon.com/women-who-want-more Published by Richter Publishing.

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On Lock Down? Use This Time To Write Your Book!

Does the coronavirus got you locked up in your house? Meetings and conferences cancelled? This a great time to utilize and write your book! The most used excuse from aspiring authors is that they have no time to write. Well, that is no longer an excuse! Use this unique time to your benefit. Turn off the tv, switch the wifi OFF on your laptop and open up a Word Document instead. The best times spent on writing is without any distractions. You have already quarantined yourself, why waste it binging on Netflix wasting brain cells.

Did you know that the average person can write 800 words in an hour? If you have better typing skills it might be even more. So if instead of binging Netflix, or what I like to do is put on some soothing nature videos like fish in the ocean, and then type 800 words in just 3 hours you would have 2,400 words!

A 5×8 100 page book is only 20,000 words. So in just 9 hours you could have your rough draft complete! How many Netflix movies is that?  4.5 movies if they are 2 hours long. How many hours do you watch Netflix or Amazon or Hulu EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?! Those hours could be used doing something for your future, to better your life. If you really focused and wrote 5 hours a day, in less than a week you could have a rough draft. Within 2 weeks a draft of 40,000 words. Everyone is so upset about things getting canceled, and I know it’s sad, however use this opportunity! I see it as a blessing in disguise.

Utilize our resources to help you get started!

Free documents here 

Online Writing Courses here

Classes on Udemy 

20 Minute Book Discovery Session 


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International Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate the amazing women in our publishing house! Support your local female authors and entrepreneurs. We share their stories to raise awareness against bias and to take action for equality. Contact us to get your book published. Richter Publishing is owned and operated by women for women. #EachforEqual #IWD2020















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How to Get Your Book Into the Libraries by Tara Richter

How do you get your book into the library system? Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC, answers this question in her video series. Like & subscribe to our channel for more information about writing and publishing your book!

If you would like to become a published author, setup a free 30 minute phone consultation here: https://richterpublishingllc.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=10623735 

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How to Become a Successful Author

How do you become a successful author? Tara Richter, President of Richter Publishing LLC, answers this question in her video series below:

If you would like to become a published author, setup a free 30 minute phone consultation here: https://richterpublishingllc.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=10623735 

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Valentine’s Day Single Mingle & Book Signing 💕

Valentine’s Day Single Mingle hosted by the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” Tara Richter + FREE SWAG BAGS FOR THE FIRST 30 PEOPLE!

About this Event

Come out to Vector Arcade & Richter Publishing’s 1st Annual Valentine’s Day Single Mingle hosted by the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” Tara Richter. Located in Downtown Clearwater.

First 30 participants receive:

  • A gift bag that includes; gifts from Homospaien Organics, Sterling silver stud earrings, a copy of the Dating Jungle Adult Coloring book that and a shot glass!
  • $5 glasses of wine all night
  • Craft beers available
  • Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and desserts will be served at 9pm
  • Book signing with Tara Richter starts at 8pm. All four of her books in the Dating Jungle Series will be available for sale!
  • Vinyl records spinning outside on the patio
  • And of course a chance to meet your soulmate 🙂


Date And Time



Vector Bar & Arcade

629 Cleveland Street

Clearwater, FL 33755

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Dr. Rana Al-Falaki: Empowered Woman Empowering Women

International Best Seller, Dr. Rana Al-Falaki joined Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend on January 28th to talk about her new book, Women Who Want More: How to Create a Balanced and Fulfilled Life.  Dr. Al-Falaki discusses important topics from utilizing and tapping into your “6th Sense” and how to be empowering in a skirt. Dr. Al-Falaki has dedicated her life to coaching women  in finding their own power. Watch the interview below and grab a copy of her book from Amazon today!

Rana Cover KINDLE copy


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