HCPLC: Local Author Spotlights of the Month

We are excited to have two authors featured on Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative’s website. Author of “Things They Failed to Tell You During Pregnancy,” Ashley Shane Pierce, and author of “Shante Richardson, are featured authors in Local Author Spotlights for the month of December!  Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative is a huge support to local authors, see the full list here.

author spotlight_richter publishing_dec

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The Author’s Corner with Alder Allensworth

This Saturday, December 7th, join us and at the Clearwater Library for a book signing and talk with author, Alder Allensworth. Learn what happens when adversity meets adventure!

When: Dec. 7th 

Time: 2pm

Where: Clearwater Library, 100 N Osceola Ave Clearwater, FL 33755 

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Tune into Fox 13 News This Sunday at 7:45 AM for Tips on How to Survive the Toddler Years!

Ashley Shayne Pierce, the author of “Things They Fail to Tell You During Pregnancy: A Quick Guide and Insight” will be on FOX 13 News with Sorboni Banerjee. Tune in this Sunday at 7:45 am to hear about her new book coming out soon, “Surviving Toddlers.”

They will discuss how parents can get through a long trip with kids and not lose their head in the process. Don’t miss this segment to get all the tips!

Sorboni Banerjee and Ashley Shayne Pierce

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Happy Veterans Day!

Join others this Nov 23rd, at the VFW Post, and support local authors who are also U.S. Military Veterans. One of our own authors, Mr. George L. Trowbridge, will be in attendance. A fun event for the whole family with authors of memoirs, mysteries, children’s books, poetry, and non-fiction in the form of essays and self-help books!

When: Nov 23rd, 1pm-5pm

Where: VFW Post 6827 Sunshine City – 4145 34th St No, St. Petersburg, FL

No Admission Fee- Cash Bar

Eight Bells_Book Cover KINDLE

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Author Ginger Rodeghero Attends 62nd Florida Council for the Social Studies Conference

Ginger_Author_RichterPublishingNewest author, Ginger Rodeghero, joins hundreds of others in attending the 62nd Annual Social Studies Conference in Orlando, Florida. Rodeghero will be exhibiting her newest novel I’m Not for Sale, as well as her previous work, Brothers in War.

The event’s theme is Heroes and Villains: Teaching in a Polarized Worldand will take place at the The Florida Hotel and Conference Center on October 18th-20th. Details for the event can be found on their event page here.

Event address: The Florida Hotel and Conference Center, 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809.

Brothersinwar_Richterpublishing_BookGinger Cover KINDLE 10-2-19


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Helping to Raise the Consciousness of the Planet One Book at a Time.

I get asked the question a lot, which one of your authors has made a million dollars? The answer is, no one. This is not the goal of our publishing house. Yes, this would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but our mission is not just numbers. We are unique in that we take on books that big publishers would not. Because to us it’s not all about the money a book will pull in. Instead for Richter Publishing, it’s about the authors and the story they need to tell. A burning desire to get this out into the world to help others. If your story can impact the lives of others and help them through their struggles, then the book is a success. We do not censor the authors story. We tell the cold, raw truth.
Our authors consist of men and women who have survived cancer, mental disorders, domestic abuse, rape, sex trafficking, bullying, drunk driving and more. These people have gone through hell and back. Their stories can help others that have gone through similar incidents and know that they are not alone. That you too can get through it and become successful on the other end.
So no, it’s not about the books making millions of dollars, but spreading knowledge and hope. If you can change even one persons life with your words, isn’t that worth it?

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Back To School Savings with Author Ashley Shane Pierce!

Back To School Savings with Author Ashley Shane Pierce

Richter Publishing’s author, Ashley Shane Pierce, discusses how to save money on school supplies on Fox 13 News.

Get a copy of Ashley’s book if you want to learn how to save on having a baby too! https://www.amazon.com/Things-They-Fail-During-Pregnancy/dp/1945812354

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President of Richter Publishing Spends four Months in Asia Volunteering at Various Non-Profits.

Tara Richter, the president of Richter Publishing, returns home from four months abroad. She spent the summer months of April-July 2019 living and volunteering in Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. She ventured out on this sabbatical to explore new cultures and give back. This amazing trip was an opportunity to actually live in these countries, get to know the locals and help out non-profits.

Blue Dragon Farm Vietnam Tara Richter

The first stop was in Hanoi, Vietnam where Ms. Richter lived along with 17 other people in her group. They volunteered their sweat and muscle working on the farms that were donated to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. The group worked clearing the land to prepare it to grow crops later. Blue Dragon relies on the many amazing volunteers who commit their time, energy and expertise to working with them in Vietnam and around the world.


Blue Dragon Farm Vietnam Tara Richter

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation provides exceptional care to Vietnamese children and families in crisis while creating long-term change for a better world. You can go to their website and help them out from wherever you live too.

The next stop on the journey was Thailand. A beautiful country filled with mountains and thousands of Buddhist temples. Tara spent lots of time visiting the shrines and speaking with the monks learning more about the Buddhist ways. The group she was traveling with first visited the Wildflower Home based in Chiang Mai.

Wildflower Home Thailand Tara Richter

The Wildflower Home is a temporary shelter for women and children who are coming out of situations such as sex trafficking, domestic violence and sever poverty. The grounds are self sufficient, so the women work to grow their own food and do daily chores in the homes the live in. They have a mushroom farm that now is their source of income to sustain the non-profit. However they are in need of donations such as clothes and diapers. Ms. Richter and some of the group bought clothes in Vietnam to donate for the children once they arrived. They spent time playing with the children and working alongside the women. (Their website is currently down for more information.)

Wildflower Home Thailand Tara Richter

Also in Thailand they took a day to help out at the Elephant Freedom Project. Located in Northern Thailand, near Chiang Mai city, this project was formed in cooperation with a Lanna Thai family who has lived and worked with elephants for two generations. The family is glad for the opportunity to transition from elephant riding to a more evolved form of elephant tourism that provides a better life for the elephants, where they will be treated with the love and respect they deserve. The herd includes elephants who used to labor in the dangerous logging industry and were later used for elephant riding. By visiting this project you are making it possible for these elephants to enjoy a more natural, peaceful life.

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand Tara Richter

Ms. Richter’s group spent an amazing day feeding the elephants, walking with them and giving them a bath in the river. Unfortunately in Thailand most of their elephants are abused for tourism. You will see baby elephants chained up and removed from their mothers for viewing. Or people paying to ride them which is not good for the elephants. This sanctuary helps them live a more natural life while still allowing people to enjoy their presence.                                                                                                                                                     Elephant Sanctuary Thailand Tara Richter 3

Elephants spend about 12-14 hours a day eating. They can eat anywhere from 200 – 600 pounds of food depending upon their size. So it takes a lot of resources to keep these sanctuaries going. By donating and spending a day volunteering with the elephants, you are helping to keep these places alive to save more animals. Visit their website here to find out more: https://www.asianelephantprojects.com/

Ms. Richter is back from the orient and loved all her time that she spent there volunteering with her group. Even though she has much work to catch up on with her authors here in Florida, she is planning another two to three month trip back to Asia in the summer of 2020. She has plans to hold writing workshops in Thailand and Bali. During this time she will be going back to these non-profits to bring more supplies and new people to volunteer and give back.

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TODAY! Meet Local Authors at Clearwater Library Author Fair.

Clearwater is holding their first inaugural Author Fair at the Main Library in downtown! We are excited to have a number of our authors from Richter Publishing participating in this event. It will be today, Sunday July 14th from 12-4pm. 100 N Osceola Avenue.

Clearwater Library Fair July 14th

Meet and greet with more than 20 local authors, listen to their stories and discover a new favorite. The event will be headlined by Ben Montgomery. He will discuss his writings at 1 p.m., followed by a book signing. Ben Montgomery is a former Pulitzer Prize-nominated newspaper reporter and author of three non-fiction books, “The Man Who Walked Backward,” “The Leper Spy,” and “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk,” which was a New York Times bestseller.

Nine of our authors will also be in attendance from Richter Publishing.  So make time to come out and meet our amazing group:

1. Alder Allensworth
2. Tonja Anderson-Dell
3. Maurice Billington
4. Spencer Borisoff
5. Corey Hall
6. Dr. Karen Kelly
7. Brittney Kempink
8. Shea Miller
9. Stephanie Wynn

See you there!

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The Quest for an American Flag and 52 Souls on ABC’s Morning Blend

On November 22, 1952, 52 American soldiers departed on a C-124 Globemaster plane heading for Anchorage, Alaska. They never made it to their destination. When a rescue was deemed too expensive by the military, these men were left to the Alaskan wilderness and found their untimely demise. 60 years later, their true fate was still unknown, until Tonja Anderson-Dell fought the government for 15 years to bring them home and give them a proper burial. Find out more here: www.honoredbound.org 

Tonja Anderson-Dell

Get a copy of the book on Amazon to read the entire story here.


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