Seasons of Change

Nature has finally turned against man. Weather conditions are extreme and unbearable, forcing people everywhere to come to terms with their reckless disregard for the earth that we call home. That is until one courageous soul, Sarah Newman, begins a journey to change the fate of humankind and protect those that might otherwise perish from an upcoming apocalyptic freeze. How does an ordinary woman fare against the anger of nature and the force of the elements. Will she succeed where others have tried and failed? There’s only one way to find out.

Our newest publication! A collaboration between two authors; by Sim Johnson & Maurice Jovan Billington.

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Creating Wealth, Investing Over a Lifetime: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE STOCK MARKET

This book is for young adults and older adults who have never had exposure to the stock market. The authors goal is to educate readers about the huge potential for accumulating a large amount of money in the stock market over time.

What you can learn withing these pages are:
1) Stock market jargon
2) Different ways to assess a stock’s value
3) Doing discounted cash flow analysis
4) How to construct a stock portfolio
5) Develop an investment plan
6) Assemble a team of advisors to help you achieve financial security
7) Clarifying your stock analysis through communicating with other investors
8) Avoiding hazards to wealth creation

This is a study book and not a casual read. Lifestyle, mindset, and temperament are most important. Always live within your means and save some of your earnings for investment. Search for great businesses with healthy growth and try to buy pieces of these businesses at prices lower than their value. Then patiently hold them long enough to realize profit.

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Our First Children’s Spanish Book has Been Published!

Riley & Milo: La historia de un cachorro para lidiar con el dolor y la pérdida

Riley and Milo: A Puppy’s Story of Coping With Grief and Loss, By Cassie D’Addeo, 
MS, LMFT Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Certified School Counselor
Owner, Green Couch Counseling LLC 

Processing death with a child is not an easy task. In fact, many people find it overwhelming and do not know how to initiate the conversation with young children. Using books, or bibliotherapy, as a method of explaining loss and grief is an effective tool for complex conversations. The book Riley and Milo leads young readers through the stages of grief such as: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. As the puppy Riley is processing the death of her best friend Milo, she explains her feelings and the impact of Milo’s death on her life. This book was created to help naturalize the emotions and experiences of young readers who are coping with grief and loss.

Procesar la muerte con un niño no es una tarea sencilla. De hecho, muchas personas se sienten abrumadas y no saben cómo iniciar la conversación con los niños pequeños. El uso de libros, o biblioterapia, como método para explicar la pérdida y el duelo es una herramienta eficaz para conversaciones complejas. El libro Riley y Milo guía a los jóvenes lectores a través de las etapas del duelo, tales como: negación, ira, negociación, tristeza y aceptación. Mientras el cachorro Riley está procesando la muerte de su mejor amigo Milo, ella explica sus sentimientos y el impacto de la muerte de Milo en su vida. Este libro fue creado para ayudar a naturalizar lasemociones y experiencias de los jóvenes lectores que están lidiando con el dolor y la pérdida de un ser querido.

Available in English and Spanish!

Find out more about the author Cassie by visiting her Amazon Author page here:

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Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD2022

Celebrate strong, independent women authors by getting a copy of their book. We have over 30 amazing women published in our house over the last 10 years. Find all of their books here on Amazon:

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Mystery of the Vamours: New Beginnings by Mercedes Hubert

Mystery of the Vamours: New Beginnings

Our newest publication! Strange things have always happened around Anya Marie Harris — wind gusts that come from nowhere, bullies getting hurt even though she never touches them—but she can never explain these mysteries. Until, on her sixteenth birthday she and her adopted mom decide to look for her birth parents. Nothing can prepare her for the truth of who her family is, or the world she is about to be thrust into — a world of magic, mystical creatures, and demon werewolves. Can she learn to harness her gifts in time to protect herself from the monsters that have hunted her family her whole life? Can she accept who she was meant to be before her family pays the price? This coming-of-age story will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, as Anya is thrust into a world of danger, betrayal and monsters. Get the book on Amazon!

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Top 5 Books of 2021!

Happy New Year! Top five books from 2021 are in! A big congratulations to our top five selling authors in Richter Publishing for 2021. 🙂 They are listed in order from most sales.

#1 Striking Eight Bells: A Vietnam Memoir by George L. Trowbridge

#2 No Time to Care: A Leadership Game Plan to Ensure Caregiver Engagement by Charles Kunkle

#3 Culture in 4D: The Blueprint for a Culture of Engagement, Ownership, and Bottom-Line Performance by Tony Moore

#4 Modern IV Wellness by Dr. Uhuru Smith MD & Dr. Tracy Edward Smith PhD

5 Riley and Milo: A Puppy’s Story of Coping With Grief and Loss by Cassie D’Addeo

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Zombies Took Home the Bronze Medal in the Biz Category!

How to Run a Business During a Zombie Apocalypse, took home the bronze medal in the business category for the Florida Authors and Publishers Association Book Awards. The book was written by President of Richter Publishing LLC, Tara Richter, during the summer of 2020. With the global pandemic cutting sales and shuttering many businesses, Ms. Richter wrote of her own struggles to keep her indie publishing house afloat. The book was released in October 2020, fitting with whimsical zombie images to keep the dire topic in a humorous tone. Humor has always gotten the publisher through many hardships and this one is no exception. The book hit Amazon Best Sellers list and still ranks high in the respective categories eight months later. Interestingly enough many readers have submitted reviews yet Amazon won’t publish them. I suppose they are afraid of the zombies coming to get them too? Irregardless this book will eat away at your brain. Telling the truth of what we all went through as business owners. The truth will be told even if you don’t like it.  The book is available on distribution channels all over the world. 

Barnes & Noble >>
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Amazon >>

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The Buffalo Scout, by Stephen McDonald

Our newest publication just hit Amazon! The Buffalo Scout, by Stephen McDonald.

The Hero We Have Been Waiting For

As the US continues to settle the west in the wake of the civil war, one unlikely scout distinguishes himself as white settlers and freed slaves alike look to the US army for protection. The Buffalo Scout, a runaway slave himself, proves to be their best hope and craftiest warrior. With the skills it took to successfully deceive slave hunters, the tracking knowledge of several Indian tribes who harbored him on his journey west, and the support of the US army, no mission is too large for this vanguard. This work of historical fiction tells a story that has been left out of history, from a time when no one wanted to believe a black man could survive on his own, let alone fight legendary and heroic battles.

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Florida PTA Conference 2021

We are gearing up and getting ready for the Florida PTA conference for mid July 2021. Excited to show case some of our new books that we have created interactive programs for elementary, middle school and high school students. Check out our sizzle reel here:

We have created interactive programs around of our books that educate children about healthy eating, how to deal with loss of a loved one, animal adoption, business skills, bullying and more. Reading levels are anywhere from elementary, middle school up to advanced high school levels.See the books and programs in our PDF guide here:

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Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows!

Dr. Marsha and her crew are living in Australia teaching healthy habits to the other animals in their town. But she turns into Doctoroo! to help solve mysteries all over the world! In this book, they fly to America to find out who stole all the marshmallows and hotdogs from the 4th of July cookout. Who could it be?!

Doctor Marsha is a children’s book series created by Dr. Rachel B. Wellner MD to entertain children at the preschool through grade school level relying on educational content. The main character, Marsha, will introduce kids to exciting challenges in basic health education as she explores the world vanquishing health problems. It is our hope that the characters will stimulate young minds by introducing them to a positive, professional figure that embodies the spirit of cultural competence, creativity, and adventure.

Get the first book on Amazon!

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