How to Write your Book Using your iPhone!

Inspiration strikes at the most random times – Don’t let it pass! You might not always have a piece of paper and pen handy, but your smart phone is either in your hand, back pocket or purse at all times. USE IT!

laptopI composed my second and third books in small chunks writing everywhere you could imagine. I used the notepad app on my iPhone. I even bought a fifty dollar Bluetooth keyboard so I can easily sit and write when I’m inspired. Once I’m done with my thoughts I email it to myself so when I get home, it’s waiting in my inbox. Then I copy and paste it into a Word document and clean it up.

Woman waiting at the airport

Anytime you gave a extra five minutes in your day, you need to write. Waiting in line to pick up the kids from school? Write on your smart phone or tablet. Walking on the treadmill? Jot some ideas down. I get some of my best ideas wiggle working out, probably because of all the blood pumping through my veins and those feel-good endorphins flooding my body.

Traveling soon? Airports are another great place to write. Just think about how many minutes you waste lining up to be groped by security, waiting for delayed flights,  or sitting on the plane while the staff fuels up, thinking, Damn where is that truck to push back the plane?


Never take a second of free time for granted! Create in the chaos and leave your legacy!

Start today!

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