Amazon Audiobook Restricted to Certain Users!

richter_publishing_audiobooksIt is critical to the success of your book that it be published on as many distribution channels as possible. Amazon Audible offers audiobook creation via Audio Creation Exchange (ACX).

As you may already know, Amazon houses multiple distribution channels, including paperback and digital software. Taking advantage of these services can easily expand your audience and sales potential.

However, what most people don’t know is that Amazon Audible is only available to US and UK residents. ACX currently is unavailable to residents living outside of the United States and United Kingdom, yet they hope to increase their availability sometime in the future. Click here to read more about audiobook production with ACX

So what does this mean for the ton of Amazon users living in other parts of the world? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! At Richter Publishing, your book is not only published in paperback but also in digital formats, so that your book can reach a global audience. We provide our own audiobook creation services to residents WORLDWIDE, offering several options to get your audiobook seamlessly recorded and published!

Here’s our process:

  1. We have professional voiceover actors available in male and female voices to speak your book for you.
  2. Or you can come into the studio and record the book yourself. It may take a few days time in the studio depending upon your reading/ voice experiences.
  3. Then our engineer mix and masters the book on top grade equipment to ensure a high quality sound. This can take a few weeks based on the length of your book.
  4. When we receive the final audio files Richter Publishing publishes to various retailers all over the world! Including iTunes, Audibles and more to reach the most amount of customers.

Let Richter Publishing bring your stories to life and give your readers a great listening experience.

Contact us today to get a quote on creating your audiobook. We need to know how many words and if you’ll need a voiceover actor. Email us today! 

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