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On the Road: From a Block of Clay

ontheroadPublished author from Richter Publishing, Elizabeth Bunbury’s “On the Road: From a Block of Clay”

In her previous book, FROM A BLOCK OF CLAY, POTLUCK EDITION, Elizabeth Bunbury concluded with these words: “Let the journey begin…” Well, her journey has truly begun, and she is now “on the road”. Bunbury believes it is the path God prepared specifically for her to travel even before she was born. While there were many detours, with God’s help– and of others whom he sent to walk the path with her—she is moving forward. We are all on a journey, and we all have a story to tell. The stories in ON THE ROAD show the progression of Bunbury’s journey with its twists, turns, back-tracking, and going forward again. Your life’s journey may be somewhat similar to hers, or quite different. Either way, it is her prayer that, as you read, you will realize you are not alone on this journey called life. May you learn there is hope that a new, smoother path could be just ahead. “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.” Author Unknown

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