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Write a Book Yourself: Step #2 Start Blogging

If you have not already created a blog, do it now. It’s free and a great way to drive traffic to your website, to get your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) high in Google rankings for you or your company, and to write your book.

Once you have set up your own blog you will have a platform that allows you to organize your words. If you’re not good at just sitting down and writing 10,000 words, blogs can greatly help you finish your book. They are much easier because they’re done in short chunks. A blog should not be more than 2-3 paragraphs—short, nice and sweet bits of information for the reader. Also, if you start publishing small bits of information out there once or twice a week, it’s giving your audience little teasers of what’s to come in your book.

After you start getting into posting and organizing your blogs, you can start publicizing them and incorporating them into your social media to read a wider audience.

If you have never blogged before or aren’t familiar with SEO, don’t worry. The book will break it down step by step with instructions to walk you through the process.

Tara Richter Author & Publisher

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