Secrets to Sustainable Solutions:Tips From Business, Science & Non-Profit Experts

Lisa Blackburn Ullven, with 25+ years of being a global problem solver for Fortune 500 companies that are in the Top 3 in the industry, has strong experience using the best problem-solving tools in the world. Her passion is sharing these tools to strengthen our communities. In college, a professor said, “If you want to help people, learn about systems,” so she did just that. After earning her MBA with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, Lisa earned globally recognized certifications: Certified PMP® Project Management Professional; Certified Wellness Recovery and Action Plan® Facilitator; Certified Wraparound Coach and Trainer; Certified Help Desk Director and Manager; Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and ITIL® Certificate; and Certified Recovery Peer Specialist for Families. She is a partner and founding board member of Peace4Tarpon (Peace4Communities) and CEO of Guided Results LLC.

In her debut book, Secrets to Sustainable Solutions, Author and Facilitator in Wellness Recovery Lisa Blackburn Ullven MBA, delivers a formula to allow the everyday individual an opportunity to breathe through life without feeling suffocated. Lisa shares her personal stories of working with global companies to help readers relate to and understand their own superpowers. 

Whether you’re an adult, student in college or child, battling constant world problems on a personal and global scale is a challenge. Interdependence is key to our individual and collective survival, whether it’s finding one’s professional niche, handling difficult customers or developing ideas to handle climate change.  

Critically acclaimed leader, Lisa Ullven, shares her personal stories and reflects on the results to build the reader a path to follow. Ullven provides 180 Silo Secrets which everyone can immediately apply to their every day routine. Within this book you Lisa looks to answer these questions:

  • How and where do you find your superpower?
  • What are the 5 steps to success?
  • What are the 4 steps to interdependence?

The book will be released next week January 25th 2023! Mark your calendars. The link will be live then to order your copies on Amazon in paperback, hardback and ebook.

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