Mark Your Calendars, Our Next Book to be Published on January 25th 2023!

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to do it all? Feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? You are not the only one. When Lisa asked her then five-year-old daughter which audio book she wanted to listen to, her daughter said, “Please mom, no more world problems.” it reinforced that we are leaving our children with plenty of problems.

“Secrets to Sustainable Solutions: Tips From Business, Science & Non-Profit Experts” by Lisa Blackburn Ullven, will help you see that you are not supposed to do it all. All the tips inside this book will help you “find your piece” to “find your peace.” Readers are empowered with the tools inside this book to lead and be the change to to participate in positive changes in their life.

Everyone is dealt a ‘deck of cards’ at birth. That deck can represent people’s personalities as much as disparate situations. Each card/person has a role to play in the game of life. Interdependence is key to our individual and collective survival, whether it’s finding one’s professional niche, handling difficult customers, or developing creative ideas to stop climate change. Everything and everybody affects each other. Building from the principle that we often exist in solitary ‘silos,’ Ullven provides 180 Silo Secrets which readers can immediately apply in their daily lives. She helps readers identify their “superpowers” and use those to impact their personal lives, professional lives, and local communities. Perhaps most importantly, she emphasizes that no one person can do it all, nor should anyone attempt to do so. We’re all part of a greater whole and the tools she’s provided, ranging from personality assessments to top ten lists of tips, aim to help people feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed.

Mark your calendars for Jan 25th 2023! The. book will be available on Amazon in paperback, hardback and ebook. See what people are already saying about it.


“The tips and stories make it easy to empower young people to lead positive change.”
– Manzuk MiltonThe U.S. Department of State’s Community Solutions Program – Africa (implemented by IREX, The International Research & Exchanges Board).   

“…an absolute gift to the non-profit & NGO world.  It’s a game changer for sure!”
– Dr. Julie Radlaurer-Doerfler(PhD in Public Health, LMHC and CEO of Collectively). – Florida

“Revolutionary… a change making Bible.  Make the change by reading the book”.
– Angie Whitehurst, Social Justice Advocate – Washington DC

“Lisa Ullven compiled 20 years of problem-solving and solution design tips into this book. The examples and stories filled with hope and possibilities that you can adapt to develop community-centered solutions for the future.”
– Dr. Sandra Whitehead (George Washington University Sustainable Urban Planning Director; U.S. EPA Appointed Council member of EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council).

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