Weekly Author Feature – M. Rene Harris

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Every week we will be featuring one of our authors and their published works. M. Rene Harris will kick us off!

M Rene Harris is the Founder/CEO of M. Rene Studios. M. Rene, is a Certified Naturopathic Nutritionist and Change Agent who brings her passion for wellness to the workplace every day.

The former U.S. Marine and mother of 4 began her passion for healthy living after working for a State agency. M.Rene is a writer and speaker with the ability to inspire, motivate and encourage action for those who are ready to move beyond their limitations.

Amazon Best Selling Book & Richter Publishing’s Award Winner for 2016 Most Inspirational Story! 

If you could only fit what you need into three boxes to start your life over, what would you take? That’s what Rene Harris was faced with when she decided to pack up what she could for herself and four children to leave a toxic situation. You never know what you’re capable of surviving until you are faced with it. Fight or flight. What would you do? Get your copy of Flies in My Coffee today!


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