Richter Publishing Donates to Animals in Need

Hi Friends,
In honor of Luke’s adoption day, Melissa Anne Sweeney, is once again seeking assistance with “Heidi’s Legacy Rescue.” She heads up  “Love Luke: Dog & Cat Rescue” a non-profit to help animals. Food donations have minimized and they need to feed their fosters and rescues. The Tampa 1st Pete volunteers are fostering at least 15 dogs each while they patiently wait for their forever homes.
 Doggie Drive
Mailing address is:
7217 Creekwood Court
Tampa, FL 33615If you are sending donations via amazon or mail. Our rescues are currently in need of the following, Please put your name of in gift receipt area so we can thank you on social media—

Dog & Puppy Food:
Wet and Dry
Food & Water Dishes
Pet Beds
Monetary donations to purchase vaccines, antibiotics and health supplies
Medical Supplies
Paper towels
Dog Shampoo
Grooming Tools
Liquid Detergent
Bath towels / hand towels
Other Essentials:
Trash Bags
Leashes / Collars / Harnesses
Flea Collars
Richter Publishing just donated 44 pounds of food. Please help out this great cause and save our animals! More info can be found here!

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