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How do you acquire that golden feather in your cap? To become an Amazon Best Seller? Well my friend, with anything there is a method to the madness! There are certain steps that you can take that will help you sell more books. First, let’s break down the difference in Best Seller statuses. The two most popular Best Seller titles to gain are: New York Times Best Seller & Amazon Best Seller.  Within Amazon there is #1 Best Seller, then the Best Seller and Hot New Releases categories.

Now let’s discuss how you can become a Best Seller within these different aspects:

New York Times Best Seller

I would say, this is the highest prestige of an author to reach this level. Why? Because it is way more difficult, like climbing Mount Everest in the Himalayas. New York Times Best Seller is the tallest mountain to hike for book sales. The only way you can become a New York Times Best Seller is by selling the most amount of books from the bookstore. Here’s a few obstacles you have to overcome first: Get your book into the bookstore! Then outsell more books from people physically getting off their couches, driving to the place and buying your book. As we know, it’s hard to get people off their digital devices for anything. If you’re famous, this will be easier, as people will know you and most likely there will be more media attention surrounding your book launch. However, if you haven’t reached fame yet, an easier method would be to reach Amazon Best Seller.

Amazon Best Seller

This is selling out the most amount of books than anyone else in your given category that your book is listed in of paperback books. They do have a Kindle Best Seller, but for the sake of this article, we are speaking of physical paperback books. Amazon refreshes their Best Seller list every hour in each separate category. So sales are reported pretty quickly. However, if yours hit, it may take up to 10 hours for results to display. That being said, it’s still way faster than New York Times Best Seller which is being tracked from the Nielsen BookScan database. So that can take weeks to calculate.

Amazon #1 Best Seller Amazon Best Seller

This status is another ring above just the Best Seller category. If a book in Amazon reaches this, it adds the little orange tag next to it stating it’s the #1 Best Seller. This title is a little bit harder to receive than just Amazon Best Seller. I’m not sure of exact book sales totals, however, other articles have quoted that you must sell around 5,000 copies a day consistently.  Once again, I’m not 100% sure of that number; it’s just from what I’ve researched.

Amazon Best Seller status  can be achieved though from having a strategy in place. If you would like to know the steps to making your book a best seller, tune into our next virtual workshop April 16th from 2-4 pm and I will share my secrets with you! Get your tickets here!

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