Write a Book Yourself Step #1: Write Your Own Words

Write a Book in 4 WeeksMost people want to write a book at some point in their lives. The only difference between the authors who publish a book and those who don’t is simply taking the time to do it. If you do not think you have the time, money or resources available to you to write and publish your own book, think again.

Some people may think a ghost writer is a better, easier option—but these are your stories; this is your pain and/or happiness. No one can fully understand what you have gone through in life, so they cannot accurately express it on paper. Only you have experienced it. Ghost writers can also be very expensive. So not only will you lose money by going with a ghost writer, but you will also be losing your personal touch and connection in the story.

There is no short cut to get it done, but I can provide little tricks that will make it easier.

  • Utilize Every Minute. You need to take advantage of every spare moment you have to finish your book. There is never a right time to compose a novel. You will never have those extra minutes just looming around. You have to create during chaos. You have to make the time and effort in order for it happen.
  • Don’t Edit While You Write. Write when you feel inspired and don’t stop until you feel like you have gotten it all out. Once you get your thoughts spinning in your head you need to stop what you’re doing and write them down, even if it’s chicken scratch notes. You can always go back and edit later.
  • Use Google for Spelling. Google is much more up to date than Word.

If you want to write  a book, you can. But the first step is getting the words out. Just the idea of it can be overwhelming and stressful—which is why many people who want to write a book don’t. If you are new to writing or need help getting started, the full version of my book will provide you with some insight on how to make this seemingly impossible task, possible!

Richter Publishing also has packages where we can write the book for you to make it even easier! Contact us for more info. 

Tara Richter Author & Publisher

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