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Tight on Funds? Here are Some FREE Resources for Aspiring Writers!

With the holidays coming up, your wallet may be a little strained with the gifts you’re stock piling — but that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of following your dreams of becoming a published writer.

Whether you’re just beginning your manuscript, or brainstorming a concept, Richter Publishing is only a phone call away to get some advice and guidance. Richter also offers ghost writing services for those who cannot find the time to write their own story.


If you are eloping for inspiration or what your future could look like as a writer, check out the details, set up a free 30 minute phone consultation go here: https://richterpublishingllc.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

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Writing Tip of the Day

Man writing in notebookWhile you are composing your book, don’t worry about formatting, how it looks in word, or editing. Sometimes you will get caught up in those details, but it’s more important to get the thoughts out of your head & on paper. Cleaning it up, editing and formatting will be done during revisions. Your first document is a rough draft. They call it that for a reason, it’s rough, probably going to suck at some points, but that’s ok. No one writes a perfect book the first time around. Just get the concept and ideas out of your head no matter how awful you think it might be at the time. Especially once you get into the writing flow, sometimes phrases come out of your mind faster than your fingers can type. So things can get chopped up and not make sense, but that’s what the editor is for. To read it from another persons perspective that is not in your head knowing where the story is going. Your job is just to write!

by Tara Richter

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