New Office Policies March 19th, 2020

During these unique times we want to let you know that Richter Publishing is operating all things as normal. Thankfully our business model has always functioned online so our operations are not being affected at this time. Freelancers have always worked from home. Interns and admins are now doing their duties from home as well. We will still be editing and publishing books, however we are asking for authors to not visit the office in person. We are still taking on new authors but request that everyone speak to us over the phone or email. If you are a new author you can set up a 20 minute book discovery call on our website here:

We are also creating an online self publishing course that we hope to launch by the end of the month. It will be available at a deep discount for the first few months. Authors will be able to publish their books cost effectively within the comfort of their own home and hopefully create another stream of revenue with their new books in this difficult time. Thank you for taking your part in helping this crisis to be contained as quickly as possible.

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