Life Hack to Finish Your Book FAST!

Life never stops, especially when you have the desire to write a book. Don’t make it up as impossible if your life is chaotic— IT CAN BE DONE! An industry standard 5 x 8,100 page book is approximately 20,000 words. That’s 20,000 words you would need to write in a four week period. Without structure, those words will loom over you! 20,000?! How can I write 20,000 in four weeks?! Tara Richter has come up with books full of tips for first time book writers and today we are going to share three of them from her book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks.”

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Write 715 words per day.

You would be surprised at how incredible strides are made with just 715 words per day! It really adds up and slowly, writing becomes easier!



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