How to Create in the Chaos – There’s an App for that!

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-6-11-04-pmWith an app called Anti-Social, you can mark sites as distracting and, when turned on, it will prevent your phone from ringing if there’s a notification headed your way. So when you do get a chance to write – whether the kids are in bed or you’re on your lunch break – you’ll actually be forced to focus on your manuscript rather than what’s trending on your favorite networks. This app, along with the help of Richter Publishing ANYTHING is possible!

Richter Publishing company has published over 40 books and has had in some way a hand in their success. From helping write, edit and organize your thoughts on paper, Richter Publishing is there for each author throughout the entire creative and editing process.

In Tara Richter’s book, “Write a Book in 4 Weeks!,” Tara explains how you can “create in the chaos.” Life can be busy – and at most times extremely hectic – but dedicating a few hours or even minutes of your day that you can leave your legacy. Start with this writing tip so you don’t feel overwhelmed!

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