Charlie Crist Publishes a Book for $693,351.53 Worth of Free Publicity!

Personally I think this is a brilliant move. Politics aside, I’m more of a middle-of-the-road kinda gal, this was smart. How do you raise your profile and get free TV and radio interviews? Publish a book! My authors coming through Richter Publishing know the value of having a book, now the politician’s are jumping on the band wagon.

The proof is in the pudding, look at Charlie Crist’s results (taken from the Tampa Bay Times article)

Normally campaigns have to hire advance staffers and press staffers, pay for plane tickets, rent space, equipment and more to stage an event that draws TV, radio and newspaper reporters. Or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads to get on voters’ TV screens.

The beauty of a book tour is that it allows a candidate like Crist to generate loads of media attention while spending little of the campaign money he will need to take on Republican Gov. Rick Scott this year.

Crist’s national TV interviews with the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert put Crist before a potential national audience of 8.7 million people, which equals $489,171.96 worth of publicity. Local TV viewership across Florida totaled 3.3 million people, free publicity worth an additional $204,179.57.

This is what they estimated his total free publicity, a day later Tampa Bay Times adjusted the total to a whopping  $693,351.53!

The awesome thing is that anybody can get this free publicity by publishing a book. It may not add up to Charlie’s huge numbers, but let me tell you, it’s priceless. I have published 4 books in about 2 years. With just my first book I was offered a book signing with CNN, I was featured on Daytime TV, FOX, ABC and more. I had radio interviews booked all over the US & Canada & I’m not a politician! My books were on dating advice, but the thing is once you have a book you’re considered an expert in your industry.

My other published authors are already seeing the results with their books, within 1 month! Pierce Brunson author of “Learning Curve” pitched the Pinellas Country Youth Council and they are now discussing creating a summer curriculum based on his book! Gen Dobson author of “Failing Successfully, Life After Debt”  has been speaking to Oprah’s staff to be on her channel!

If you have been putting off writing your book, why? What’s holding you back? Every minute you waste is another TV interview or opportunity passing you by. Contact me today to set up a free discovery session on how I can help bring your dreams to paperback.

Tara Richter, Self-Publishing Expert & Author of 4 Books

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