Writing Retreat

Do you have a book inside of you, but don’t have time to put pen to paper? Does the constant time restraints of daily life get in the way of your writing schedule? Have you been writing your book for 10 years, but it’s just jumbled notes here and there and doesn’t really resemble anything that really looks like a book? Do you love to travel the world but afraid to do it alone? Are you sick of being trapped in lock down and ready to explore the world? If you said yes to any of these questions, then a writing retreat is perfect for you!

Writing Retreats Richter Publishing LLC
Blue Dragon Farm, Vietnam

Tara Richter, the President of Richter Publishing, has traveled to over 45 different countries and published over 100 books. She is now combining both of her passions into writing retreats! In 2019 she left Florida, hopped on a plan solo to joined 17 strangers in Vietnam and lived in Asia for four months volunteering at nonprofits, immersing in the cultures and hanging out with elephants. They country hopped from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and then Tara left the group and went on her own to Singapore and back to Thailand because she loved it so much. During this time she created the writing retreats, but the universe had other plans. Covid. So she had to put her dreams on hold, until now.

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Tara is so excited to get back to exploring this awesome planet and helping people share their stories with the world. The writing retreats will be a small group of like minded people who want to get out of their comfort zone, explore new cultures and also work on their book. If you are a writer, you know how difficult it is to focus on writing when you are in your normal daily grind. There are so many things that distract you. This retreat will take you out of your element and allow you the time to focus, plus utilize Tara’s proven methods over the years to help you finally get your manuscript done!

Writing Retreats Richter Publishing LLC
Santorini, Greece

Each retreat will take place in a different part of the globe. Thailand, Peru, Vietnam, Greece, Bali, it will change all the time. It will be a small group of people so we can all focus on the task at hand and work together. 10 – 15 people max. We will be staying in small condos together, so it will be a group experience.

The retreat will be 8 days long and included writing workshops, group excursions, snacks, room and board plus transfers to the accommodations. Not included is your airline tickets to the destinations plus lunches, dinners and drinks. Each person is encouraged to buy their own travel insurance in the case of any global catastrophes out of our control.

Retreats in Thailand
Meditating with the Monks in Thailand

Daily itineraries will include: Daily writing workshops with Tara, lunch alone or with a friend and then quiet writing time in the afternoons. Group dinners out to explore new foods and areas and whatever fun activities might be happening. Each person receives a one hour personal coaching session with Tara to go over whatever struggles they are having on their book.

Excursions Included: Meditating with the monks, volunteering at the elephant sanctuary for a day, hiking Machu Picchu and more! (Depends upon which country we are at and time of year, but there will be at least one excursion included, but can change depending upon circumstances and how many people we have. There might be more available for additional charges as well.)

Zoom Calls: We will prep ahead of time to let you know everything that needs to be done before your international travel plans. What to pack, what NOT to pack, passports, vaccines etc. There will also be a Facebook group everyone can join and chat with the other members, get to know one another and post questions and concerns leading up to the trip.

Hiking Doi Suthep Mountain in Chaing Mai, Thailand

If you are interested in learning more about our writing retreats, fill out our inquiry form and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Contact Us

We are planning our first one to take place in September of 2023 in Peru. We will update this page with the specific details as soon as we have them 🙂 We are so excited to share this journey with you!