A La Carte

Anthony Amos, Kevin Harrington, Tara Richter

A La Carte Services


  1. Developmental Edits: This is usually the first round of edits on a rough draft where sentences may need structural edits to make sure it reads properly, ideas are fully developed and fact checking. This edit is .02 per word. The manuscript must be sent to us in Word. We will use the track changes features. After the edit you will acceptor reject the edits within the document yourself in a fully licensed version of Word. If you do not have this software, you will not be able to see the edit properly. The editor will also insert comments within the document for you to review. You must pay in advance for the edits. Depending upon the length of the manuscript it will take about two weeks. Please note we use AP editing style.
  2. Copy Edits: This is typically the second round of editing is .01 per word. This is for spelling, grammar and story flow. Everything else from above applies.
  3. Proof Reading: This is typically the last round of edits to catch any minor mistakes prior to publication. Fee is .01 per every 2 words. Everything else from above applies. If you select an edit that doesn’t fit we will adjust the level and notify you first. 
  4. Online Writing Workshops: Or utilize our online workshops to help you write, edit and develop your story at a low membership cost of just $20 a month. Sign up here.


  1. Cover Design $500: We will create a cover for you in Adobe Photoshop within the specs of your book printing size. We will need to know the size it will be published first. We have the templates, just need to know the size you prefer. This will be a cover for paperback books and an ebook.
  2. Inside $500: We will format the inside of the book into chapters, interactive table of contents and page numbers. We need to know the print size first and the Word document. It will be formatted for a paperback print specs and ebook (will work for kindle & ePub.)
  3. Your files will be sent to you print ready high resolution PDF files for Amazon and Kindle. You will own the rights to all the designs.
  4. Self-Pub: Or utilize our online workshop series to walk you though how to format, design your cover and self-publish on Amazon. An easy do-it-yourself system. We hold your hand and walk you through each step of the publishing process. Sign up here. 


  1. Media Interviews $4,500: We will write 12 press releases to pitch you and your book topic to media outlets all over the US and Canada. We will setup the interviews for you, and get the MP3 or MP4 files for you afterwards to post on your websites. 3D marketing images of your book to post is also included. This campaign will last approximately three months.
  2. Marketing Online Classes $40  a month: Or sign up for our literary influencer membership which teaches you how to pitch and market your book yourself. It is an online class that consists of 24 workshops and downloads from our 10 years of experience working in the publishing industry. Sign up here. 

If you have any questions about these services or would like to sign up, contact us by clicking here and filling out the contact form.