Here at Richter Publishing we can write, edit, publish and market your book in paperback, digital and audio formats! These are all of services. Some are full service writing/ editing & publishing packages. Others are online do-it-yourself models.

Ghostwriting $12,000

  • We write the rough draft for you during an intense 3-4 hour interview.
  • Three rounds of editing for spelling, grammar & overall story flow after the interview to polish it off.
  • Formatting manuscript into book layout and design cover for hardback, paperback & digital. (Audio formats extra.)
  • Purchase of ISBN’s
  • Publishing your book on distribution channels throughout the world! Ex: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kindle, Nook etc.
  • Purchase your books at wholesale cost from us any quantity, no minimums or warehouse storage to resell.
  • Mentorship with our team during the entire process during and after publication.
  • 80/20 Royalty Split. You keep 80% we keep 20%  when sold online.
  • Registration into the Library of Congress to protect your work.
  • Private financing available 

Editing Package $6,000

  • You write the rough draft from beginning to end and then my staff of editors cleans it up and brings it to the publishing level. Everything else is included from above.
  • If you do already have a written rough draft, we have to review it first to make sure it fits into this package. If it needs more developmental writing to pull it together it will cost more. The manuscript review fee is $50. We will discuss it with you after the review. If you signup with us, it will be credited back to your account.  Submit here. (This is NOT an edit just a review.)

Online Writing Workshops

  • Utilize our online workshops to help you write, edit and develop your story at a low membership cost of just $20 a month. Sign up here.


  • Utilize our online workshop series to walk you though how to format, design your cover and self-publish on Amazon. An easy do-it-yourself system. We hold your hand and walk you through each step of the publishing process. Sign up here. 


  1. Media Interviews $4,500: We will write 12 press releases to pitch you and your book topic to media outlets all over the US and Canada. We will setup the interviews for you, and get the MP3 or MP4 files for you afterwards to post on your websites. 3D marketing images of your book to post is also included. This campaign will last approximately three months.
  2. Marketing Online Classes $40  a month: Or sign up for our literary influencer membership which teaches you how to pitch and market your book yourself. It is an online class that consists of 24 workshops and downloads from our 10 years of experience working in the publishing industry. Sign up here.